Purge destroyed T3 Turan style building

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU

When I was offline, PURGE destroyed my house made of Turan-style cubes and walls. On the map in the 4FG sector (near the crocodile boss). Server 1041. Given the necessary materials for making Turan-style cubes, I suppose it’s a T3 building. So how can PURGE destroy it ?! Thank you for your answer.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build a T3 building
  2. Let it be destroyed by a Imp
  3. Repair a T3 building
  4. Let it be destroyed by a Imp
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Sorry for your loss, Pakodlak, it happened to me also, but online private server. Large building, loads of equipment, reduced to plants and sand.

I knew I was at risk, though, with sandstone in a T2 area, so rebuilt sort of on a cliff, with plenty of thralls/pets to defend it.

You are correct, Turan (and the other DLCs) are T3 level buildings. Unfortunately, that refers to how many hitpoints the individual building items have and are not indestructible.

Given sufficient time, imps can chip away T3 buildings completely, and that is the purge’s purpose, eat your stuff. If undefended, it will happen.

The process may have been sped along with a level 6 purge which includes a number of three skull bosses. They eat stuff faster.

I use (from suggestions here) thralls and pets to defend all structures and usually place them against, or on, a cliffside to limit the directions from which a purge critter can come.

Again, sorry for your loss, but I consider it a part of the game, strategically building and defending when you can’t, but not a bug.



PS: Welcome to the forums where you can get an answer you may not like?
PPS: Did you check the event log to determine if it were a purge, or the PvP aspect of PvE-C?


Thank you for this answer. I really thought the T3 walls were indestructible. I will do better defense with thralls then :slight_smile:
Thanks again and I wish you a beautiful day

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Quite welcome, best of game to you !



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I’d like t3 building indistructibles, but they are not.

A t3 foundation is 100k hp, wich is a very high hp (best legendary creatures have max 60k hp) but not indistructible.

If you have some active defences (thralls, pets) being able to handle the menace, this will lead in having only few scratches (anyway the building took damages) but no loss at all.

But if not… well… a demon purge totally destroyed one time the bridge I submitted for the building contest (a bridge is easier to destroy, because if a pillar is destroyed a good part of the structure lose stability) and it was built in aquilonian and black ice, so 100% t3.

After last patch purges are also more challenging, that means you can’t trust just the tier of your building to resist against them, you need also active defences if you think you could be purged while offline.

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