Purge Difficulty is Absolutely Ridiculous

We had to disable the purge on our server, so please let me know if we’re doing something wrong or if this is a bug that needs to be fixed.

My friends and I set harvesting and XP to x3 to get off to a good start, which resulted in us having all basic workstations and a little hyena-like pet. The first purge was a little over 4 hours into our game. With the purge difficulty set to 2, and us building near the lake in the south-east part of the map (where the undead and the salamandersare), we underwent our first purge.

Kicking the salamander’s ■■■■■ and being able to single pull the undead, we armed up and were ready. The first wave spawns - three NPCs. Perfect.

Turns out, one was named, and the other two were level 3 fighters. We all died nearly instantly, the hyena pet got smoked before we respawned, and they started to destroy our entire base. In the 30 minutes of the purge, we died about 6-8 times each, didn’t kill a single one, and more mobs spawned resulting in FOUR named fighters and about ten level 3 fighters. The entire base was destroyed and we cheated to get our stuff back as we felt like we got glitched.

We rebuilt with the admin panel, got back to generally where we were at before, and within an hour the purge hit once again. This time, it spawned SIX mobs, including the same named woman fighter from the first time. The destruction was unreal.

We’ve disabled purges for now, but this needs to be figured out. There’s absolutely no way 3 players at level 20 with iron gear can fend off a purge of named level 3-4 fighters. What the hell?

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So being on a private server, the default purge settings are NOT what is on officials. The default by official server standards are:

Purge Meter Trigger Value = 42,000
Purge Meter Update Interval = 15

I believe, at least if you use g-portal, private servers will start off with Purge Meter Trigger Value set to 2,300. THIS is the reason it seems so off. Also, keep in mind, depending on WHERE you start your base, you will get different difficulty levels of purge.

Drop any more questions here. Purges can be a lot of fun once you figure out what’s going on, and get the settings for your private server to a level you want to handle.

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We used g-portal, thank you for that notice.

I went through and changed the values you mentioned, and ensured the difficult was set to 2. It’s not the frequency so much as it was the difficulty. The area we built in couldn’t have been more more than lower end of mid-game, if even that.

If a named fighter and two level 3 fighter sidekicks is considered low-mid game purge, then this is going to be a hell of a ride.

We built at the little lake in the southwest part of the river area, on top of the bluff. M9

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Yea, getting a taste of t3 or named fighters right away before you’ve progressed up through some better gear and building can be, well, hell of a ride :wink: But those trigger and update values should help quite a bit. Purges don’t happen often with those values. Also, there is a device you can learn, and materials you can ‘farm’, so you can trigger a purge, or clear your purge meter, at will. I’m leaving the details out so not to spoil, but if you want to know, just reply and ask.

TBH, once you get the hang of things, you’ll want to bump that difficulty back up to 6. Some purges feel like a waste of time versus others, and they tend to be the lower level ones, at least IMO.


Wait till you get the Cimmerian Horde in the northwest. Friendly advice, put a bedroll down.


It’s called a purge for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:
but yeah, at that level is very hard even for a basic purge.

It’s not hard to hit level 60, once at that level and with some basic epic gear and a handful thralls they become a cakewalk, which is pretty easy to accomplish

I wont call accursed purges cakewalk… We had 3 purges on our server tonight. The first one had 4 waves each of 20 accursed fighters and archers. Lets just say my Aesir thrall did not survive my death and neither did a fellow server mate. It took 6 of us and our thralls to finally kill the purge, our bodies littered the ground all of us lvl 60 with endgame gear. The clan that got purge was lucky that they spawned at the base of the cliff and not in their base, which is what happened on the last purge with the accursed patrol. The patrols are smaller sometimes in waves. Siptah sometimes sends 7 waves with each of its purges.

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Almost related to the topic… Want to up it a notch on PC? look up the mod ‘Ambush’. I think of it as a mini-purge. at default, randomly spawns 1-5 opponents in up to 5 waves, roughly every 30 min whenever you are off your land claim.

I got tired of the rapidity of the spawns, and so set the variable to every 1-2 hours. On the other hand, on my server, I set the land claim radius relatively low so that you are no longer on your land after moving a few meters or so away from a structure.

The ambush can happen ANYWHERE else. Wilderness, check. Towns, check. Dungeons/vaults, check. Fighting a world boss, check. Swimming in a lake, check (though that one was easy).

While fighting a purge and being just outside my land claim… check. That really made that purge a bit of a… challenge.

As a side note, it does make acquiring thralls much easier on Siptah as a side effect. All the way up to named.

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Remember that some of the Gportal settings are counter intuitive. Multipliers may not always do what expect. Friend just started Sipath server and threw a few things off. He is doing everything from phone witch makes it harder

Last night I got a purge with the new rocknoses. They now poison and cast ice shards. I won’t tell you which one is which, but better have enough bandages for each wave.

Luckily I had my shield up through the shards.

The point is that the hardest purge to complete just got much harder.

egads poison and bleed… does it still spawn living mountain as the 3 skull.

The purge ended before he, 3 skull, appeared. It was just my follower and me, so we were slow. I have one little spot to run and jump to when he does appear again. Last time he glitched me into the wall.

Purges triggering when you starting out suck…

Most of them have high damage values, and lower tier stuff is basically paper walls to them. Even t2, can be taken out fairly quickly if walls aren’t stacked 2 thick.

I guess some side tips,

Build As foundation walls around base, this way the Game will need go thru 2 sets. Place random foundations before purge starts around base, These will often get attack 1st, giving you breathing room.

Purge waves tend get harder the more you do, If you find 1st wave difficult. Don’t try finishing wave… your gonna make it worse. XD Drag out last few enemies, till timer runs out.

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