Purge Enemies Broken

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: *Bug *
Server type: PvE
Region: NA
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

After running over 20 purges since the release of the new southern biomes, the only purge factions anyone on our official server (Server 6109) have been targeted by are Rocknoses and Accurseds.

Expected Behavior:

With the variety of enemies which purged bases prior to the update, including the Stygian Invaders and Black Corsairs, this seems like a bug.

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

The means of causing a purged used were both by natural purge progression and the purge invoking feature of the convergence trap.

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Hello @DarkravenDM, welcome to the forums and thank you for your report.

We’ve forwarded the provided information to the developers so that they can address the issue.

If possible, could you also let us know about the exact areas where the bases targeted by the Rocknose and Accursed purges are?

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We have done several tests in each part of the map. As a PvE server, we frequently work together on things such as purges. We have all noticed that these are the only purges we’ve gotten.

For my personal bases (I6, E8, K8)

My E8 base used to get Black Corsairs and Fishmen, K8 used to get Demons and Stygians, and I6 is new. I had my first purge at I6 yesterday and it was…Accursed.

I think I forgot to tag you, @Hugo


I am reaching out again on behalf of the people on my server, #6109 NA. Is there any update on this? @Hugo

Also on the same server and I can confirm the purges are nearly always Accursed. Base in N11 was targeted by Accursed.

This is a longstanding bug going back to Exiled Lands. Many bases that should be eligible for a lot of purges in practice only ever get hit by the same 1 or 2 purges over and over.


It feels as though the issue is much different from that one, as we are getting hit by purges we’re not supposed to be hit by at all, not that we’re getting hit by the same ones as you suggest–although that may also be occurring simultaneously.

The purges are even more broken now, we only get one wave of accurseds now. Purges are trying snd failing for hours before they launch.

Experiencing same problem, on a G-portal rented server. No mods. Sydney server.

Camps at E11, D11, D8, C7.
15 accursed purges, 1 drowned purge.

People are leaving the server and stopping playing, feels bad to rent a server and then friends wont play because the game is bugged.