Purge Etiquette Question

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Last night, I fought in two purges with other clans from our server. The first one was rather easy, since it took place in the volcano, and they spawned in the lava.

However, the second one was in the Mounds, specifically in the shallow water in the Mounds. On our server, there are five clans that have builds in the water. It was a Cimmerian Army purge, so it was filled with numerous waves of hard hitting NPCs.

This was not my purge. I was just there to help.

Here’s the situation: three of the five builds were sandstone. The other two are tier 3 material (Note the tense). The three sandstone builds were all on top of each other, so we had no chance to keep the purge from hitting other builds a little. I was in this with 4 other players whose skill levels need improving, based on the number of deaths each one experienced. I did my best to keep NPCs away from the non-purge builds, by drawing as many as would follow into open areas so I could kill them. The others climbed on player’s builds that were subsequently demolished by the Berserkers.

My clan never builds near other players, but we currently have multiple player builds near us that popped up after we had built. If we are getting a purge, we will send a message if that clan is on, and we can contact them. If damage is done to their build during the purge, we will let them know if possible. We do not actively lead the purge to their build. But, if they take damage because they were so rude as to build right next us, tough.

We also have a player on our server that makes a point of building on top of other players to use their thralls in a purge. His bases are open season during purges because he’s a jerk.

Here’s the question: Do you warn players when you can if their build is close to you? I do have to say, in this case, this clan was the last to the area, and their build was, in my opinion, way too close to everyone else. I don’t really feel bad that is was completely wiped out, but I am a little bothered that other players had their work destroyed because players actively sought refuge on their builds. I don’t care how poor your fighting skills are. That’s just not a thing that you should do.

It was hard enough to keep 5-10 on my butt all night away from uninvolved players, I can’t imagine causing someone else’s work damage to save my own behind.

Am I in the minority here?


It’s pretty hard to control what people do in these crowded player-made slum areas (Sepermeru, Mounds, etc.) I think it’s good that you are willing to warn them, but it’s not your responsibility. Getting their stuff destroyed by accident or by kiters/leeches will teach them to get a bit more creative with where they place their stuff in popular places.

I had a similar situation pop up recently in the Mounds. I built a small station in a corner away from the usual crowded mess. Some idiot though it was a super cool idea to build a teleporter right in front of me, despite of all the other empty space. Next day I got purged and their cute teleporter got demolished by natural spawns.


IMO, this is something that should be blamed largely on those players who built so close. While the players involved in the Purge should do there best to defeat it, sh*t happens, and the fact they were all built so close is the main reason for this happening. I would hope that if the base was destroyed and dropped thralls or items, the other players could at least pick those things up and return them to the rightful owners. All you can do is apologize :slight_smile:

I have another base close to mine and he was in fact there first, but he’s been very nice about me moving in, especially since it’s not his main base. My purges always spawn very close to his base, but only recently did a Yeti purge start attacking a corner of his base. I was able to pull them off and kill them, but in a few seconds they had destroyed a bridge. I messaged him with a picture and apologized, it’s the least I could do. The idea that something I’ve done could ruin somebody’s hard work is definitely an issue for me, especially since I wouldn’t want it to happen to me. Letting others know what’s up is always the right thing to do.

The Berserkers hit like a truck, and they can kill you really really fast, it’s a tough Purge and does a lot of damage to bases. It’s possible the other players assumed the other bases thralls would be able to take care of them easily, which normally would be the case.

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Good morning .

From the moment you go to the mounds of the dead, you had to be high level since this area is high.
The forgotten tribute and with the fans of the end -of -game NPC volcano so you have to be even at the maximum or close to this one.
This implies: improved your equipment and skills.
In addition, the purges at the broken basin delas (front between the hub and the end -of -game area) are tough, building in gres born not a good idea.

During the purges, the NPCs Hostile attacks all the constructions relatively close to their targets, building dimension by another base is not recommended, moreover to build with T1 materials and not have the game-play and the appropriate equipment are as much reason to see its base erased by a purge.
People are very ready to go to areas or theoretically they not access. That you try to warn, to help these people is a good thing, but as @Naja so well said, you are not responsible for their choices and bad decisions.

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I haven’t had a purge is a long time so it’s a non-issue for me but back when I started, I wouldn’t warn per se since I was busy with strategic placement of guard thralls etc but I would let them know if there was damage to their places as a courtesy.

A great thought, but there no thralls in the water at any of these bases. Really, none.

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If someone builds close enough to me and if I manage to catch them online – for whatever weird reason, most of these people are never around – I try to talk to them about it. I try to explain about purges and how my purge could accidentally damage their build and vice versa. I also offer to help them move.

Fortunately, it rarely happens that someone builds so close. Unfortunately, when it does happen, I very rarely have the chance to talk to them.

The last time this happened, I had a shіtty sandstone dwelling and was in progress of farming up the materials for my permanent abode, when some chuckleheads decided to build their T3 castle a few foundations’ distance away from me and their purge did considerable damage to my build while I was offline, which cost me all of the thralls and legendaries I had in storage.

Since the moment they popped up on the server until their shіt decayed and I gleefully dismantled it, I never saw them online even once.

Look… if you build with Sandstone in high level area, and don’t put in effort to place decent purge protection.
And on top of that, build next to you? (knowing Purge is On)

Thats on them.

There is a price to be payed when using t1 and t2 in high level areas. It will be 1shot-2shot by some of enemies. Let alone a Boss who comes thru.

Also… its Sandstone… Oh No! My Sandstone! XD

Easy replace and fix, If they lost anything important… again… Don’t build in High Level areas with low grade stuff. And Make sure your good stuff gets best protection. (PVP on, make sure to have decoys…)

As warning them? If you want. i feel like they knew risks… if NOT. You can always be like “hey, ya your in Purge Zone with high level mobs, Don’t use t1 stuff here, let alone t2”

Option C: Build a megabase that extends two map squares and has thousands of unique objects. You wont have to worry about purges hitting other people if you lag them or make their game crash!

If you set your house (and yourself) on fire, you’ll never have to worry about roaches!

I can’t stand others building near me, nor do I want to build nearby them. A few locations have little options available, like the Mounds. However, I hate seeing people who have the entire map at their disposal build next door. I don’t wanna ever see my neighbors within render distance. Ever. On a related note, it would seem Mek’s Spire can be purged. My teleporter was destroyed last week by someone’s purge it would seem. It said it was destroyed by rocknoses. :unamused:

I kinda don’t like it either but mostly for the lags, knowing most of the people on the official server I’m playing on build huge freaking bases.
I made this tiny outpost like a month ago and then a Polish and a Russian guy recently joined the server and decided to build around me.
The Russian guy parked his sandstone house right infront of my outpost and even went as far as land claiming a huge chunk of Asagarth with foundations. I didn’t mind him building his house infront of me but he wanted to build a wall which kinda annoyed me. I wanted to talk to him and ask if he could move and I even wanted to offer him some T3 bricks and T3 wood but I haven’t seen him for almost a week now. I talked to some people about it on the server and told them that the Russian guy was about to wall off the wolf spawn. I assume they talked to the guy. I don’t want new players quitting the game but I don’t want them to block spawns either.

It has been my experience that folks that build as close as possible to other players are one one two classes:

  1. Deliberately and stunningly stupid, therefore not deserving any sympathy

  2. Deliberately and stunningly entitled who want to force you out of your space and don’t mind their purges spawning directly inside your base

I’ve dealt with both, including the guy who demanded I tear down my base because, and I quote, “I ALWAYS BUILD HERE!!!”

So, no, no sympathy for these twits.

Spoiler, I no longer play on public servers. It has been awesome.

Not an option for me. I use to exclusively play on private servers in 2018. They weren’t reliable at all… or too dead. Plus admin abuse. Then I tried offline and it was pretty lonely. I went back to official because it’s persistent. If I stop playing, I may lose everything, but I still have my level and recipes to help get me restarted. No one will get bored and let the server disappear.

In the end, I’m stuck with some of these asshats. At least most go away after a while.


I’m sure it depends on the console, but most of the official Xbox servers are pretty lonely. Except the maps are filled to the brim with mega bases from people that don’t play, but refresh their stuff like clockwork.

Server 2586 has a clan (Saiyans) that literally has useless structures in almost every square of the map, but you never see them online. Yet somehow they refresh every single thing on the dot. I wonder if the owner is a crime lord that puts his employees on shift to refresh everything.

I wish they would implement regular server wipes on official servers. The devs dont dont really enforce rules, so this would put a bit of natural moderation.

Relevant to this topic, in this same server. New Asagarth is a crowded mess, so I build a small base by the lake to have access to it and get fish. Within a few hours another cool person immediately built sandstone land claims on the hill that gave me access to New Asagarth. I asked them to at least keep a gate open to give me access, but the reply were some weird angry “u don tel me wut to do” noises.

This person hasnt played for months, but the big closed off building is getting refreshed every week.

The cherry on the top is that most of these idiots build like they are on a pvp server. Close everything, put anti climb pieces, don’t provide teleporters/map/any way out. They don’t seem to be interested on player interaction. They should do this trash in single player.

That’s a typical practice. A new server I started recently has hardly any open map rooms and a lot of walled off stuff. Just report them. You played nice and they didn’t wanna respond in kind.

If other players build within treb range of my base I go blow their s**t up :man_shrugging:

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