Purge for solitary players

Do you create a clan even though a solo player? on SP I had to to get a purge.

Think they are talking about the decay on purge meter progression. Means that solo players will NEVER get a purge. Seems the to purges does nothing as they are not spawnable now. This means that purges worked better before when they just didn’t spawn.

Agree, wanting trigger a purge alone can be tiresome.
It’s still possible, but like you said you have to run lot, and not stop to much or to long.

Did similar tests with similar results on testlive with default settings, also solo like i do still. I triggered the purge sure, but also run dungeons lot, and like you said, had to maintain a constant kill rate over time.

An interruption in that activity when you have to go offline for some rl activity lowers quickly the meter and you have to start over to catch up with it.
It’s possible, sure, but it’s hard work. :wink:

Takes hours to get a purge doing solo first you would need to grind mats for building set them aside then go on a slaughter fest for your god(s) then a building marathon then back to slaughterfest until you bar gets full dunno why but playing solo harder to get purges to activate unless bar is full. It may have something to do with having large or multiple clans that go on a build frenzy seems they get first dibbs on purges.

Yeah, its so annoying… I wish we could just fill it up by doing constant murder fests…Or anything for any amount of time…

Hey there,

Unfortunately, we put those settings that way on official servers for performance reasons, as purges can be quite taxing if they’re frequent and easy to spawn. Private servers can fiddle with that setting and make it easier/harder to achieve, though.

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Hello Ignasis,

that is maybe the worst response I could’ve imagined. Not only I can assume there will be no improvment to this anytime soon, but even if I join a private server with modded setting to tweak things, it might cause other technical problems on that server which you guys trying to aviod.

The only positive thing I can see in this is, together with the short decay time of a week, it gives me a good indication what I can expect from the game in the future. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, thank you for your honest replay on that topic. No blame for the messenger!


I, for one, am very glad for that decay. I despise the randomness of purges, and how they can hit us offline.

If there was a way to manually force a purge when your meter was eligible, so you don’t need to worry about it, it’d be different. Until then, my clan deliberately stops playing before the meter gets full so we never have to bother. If we were back to the days of having to play from 5 to 9 every single night for weeks waiting, I’d have quit.

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I was refering to the building decay time of one week which will destroy everything if I cannot be online for more than a week.

Having a decay one the purge meter is nice for the reason you gave, but my point is, that the decay is almost stronger than the progress a single player could performe in a reasonable time. In such way, its only a feature for hardcore players. That said, I have over 2.5k of hours in CE.


Oh, sorry. I FULLY agree on the week timer; it should be two.

Unfortunately, purges for solo players are about as rare as the second coming of Jesus. I play almost every day but haven’t seen a purge for six months. I craft, I build, I slay and I break thralls. My purge meter increases at a steady pace but if real life calls for just one day it drops back down. Some times I don’t even have to be away for it to happen.
It’s really frustrating to watch this happen and even if this is the way you intend the system to be, maybe you could tweak the way the purge meter decreases so it doesn’t happen that fast. Maybe even no decrease but slower increase?


Actually, @Darn.Farrell, you can tweak that in the settings/server settings/purge section. You can control how often it updates and how many ‘selected actions’ it takes to get a purge.

I am online private and not admin, but ours is set to 15,000 and when I was building quite rapidly, purges were a nightly event.

A word of caution, though, the tooltips have not been updated in quite a while. Experiment !

This option is only available to server admins, but since you are playing solo, click ‘make me admin’ in the ‘General’ section.

I am not saying there is not a bug loose, just that you can change parameters there and try to work around whatever is happening.

Good luck !



That’s right, there different sliders that can be adjusted to trigger a purge way faster if on a privat server or in singleplayer.

Of course for those that aren’t admin, and has to play with default settings, it has become way harder to rise, maintain the meter and trigger a purge.

In singleplayer to run test i altered often the settings so i could run several purges in 1 hours, that totally possible. :wink:

As a family man with limited gametime at hand, i find it rather doable to gather enough to hit purge marker. On the other hand, playing solo on official server and no chance in hell to be online at purge timers, i find the decay in purge meter to be rather slow. Just my opinion though.

Thank you for your suggestion, except I’m playing on a public server so I don’t have access to any admin commands.

My apologies for missing that in the OP, and thank you for being so considerate.



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Hello, may I ask how many hours and interval you play on a daily basis if its “doable” for you? What are you doing to hit the purge if you try it? I play ususaly play more than 2 hrs a day and that seams just enough to keep it where it is with a slight increase.

I usually just farm uc and nearby bosses, farm set city one round for zeals, and thats about it. 2 ish hours, but not online untill 2100 cet time, so purge usually over by then.

Are you playing solo game if so you can change times of purges as well as frequency difficulty and such thru the admin panel. There also is a way to force purge with direct commands don’t remember what they were have to look them up. If you are on official not much you can do except join a clan that has frequent purges and may have to find server that has purges during your avail time.

Here in this tread are all commands.