Purge good and bad

So my clan had a purge last night. Cimmerian Beast Tamers. Wonderful purge full of wolves mammoths, deer and thralls. First round the one thing spawns that ive waited forever for. T4 purge blacksmith. 2nd round t4 tanner, 2rd round, t4 fighter, 4th round t4 archer. Then doom and gloom came. According to the purge map we can get up to nine rounds. 5th round the purge glitched out and stuff spawned inside of a ice mountain.

I was really hopin to continue getting these beautiful workers. We could see them when they tried comin out the mountain so we tried firing poison arrows. We got some but not all of them. Really dissapointed in that. Nithing we could do but let the timer run out. Anyone else have experiences like this.

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I’ve had that purge 2-3 times a week for the past 4 months, and it’s always been 5 waves. So while it’s unfortunate that the last wave glitched-out, don’t feel bad about missing out on subsequent waves because the 5th is the last one. :slight_smile:


That said, if you could provide a screenshot showing on the map where it glitched-out, that would be helpful for a bug report. I can tell you that I’ve had them glitch out inside the rust-colored mountains at the south end of Riversend (C9) as well as a bit further north by the last waterfall.

However, one spot that’s always worked perfectly for me is the region immediately north of Crowngrove (A9 & B9). Since CBTs are a higher difficulty threshold than the other purges in that area, and Officials are set to the highest purge difficulty, CBTs have been the only purge I’ve gotten there, and they have never once glitched into the terrain. It’s a veritable thrall goldmine.

Yeah i didnt take a screenshot, Ive had purge spawn behind green wall and inside my base before. First time ive never been able to get the enemies to me though

So one thing I’ve gotten in the habit of doing before I build a new base is to load up in single player, activate admin mode and ghost mode, and then fly around under the map to see if there are multiple ground meshes (like at Riversend) that could potentially confuse a purge. I’ll then lay out my expected foundation and then use admin commands to initiate a few purges just to make sure.

If it helps, the commands I’ve found useful are:

  • BuildingIdentity (use this while looking at your base to see what your clan ID# is in single player)
  • PurgeClan ## (where ## is the clan ID#, this will trigger a purge within a few minutes’ time)
  • StartNextPurgePhase
  • EndPurge

It can also help to lower the purge delay and duration to the minimum values, and difficulty to the max so that you can test them out more quickly. Note that if purge is disabled and you start one, it will immediately end, so just keep that in mind.

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