Purge: How to solo Rockslide?

Me and a follower toon worked our way through the avalanche purge. I was really surprised how well my Claw (follower) did with just daggers. The fun ended when Rockslide showed up.

I climbed up a rock to get out of the way. Soon after, I tried to jump off and run away, but Rockslide was too fast. He pinned me between the rock and him.

He glitch killed me. :man_shrugging:

I recovered, but it’s hard to stay silent about his one.

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We have fought and defeated many Rockslides.

Poison arrows, Snake arrows, and/or Firespark arrows always are good. But, good fighting thralls combined with healing arrows works every time. Animals will just die.

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I read about using snake arrows. I have none, but I should try next purge. I had a large platform, so they just chewed on that until orbs killed them off. It didn’t make a dent in Rockslide, however.

I don’t know if it is in the AI, but it looked like he camped my toon stuck in the ground. Luckily the purge ended before I lost my stuff.

If I remember correctly the rockslide purge was the hardest one out there so
A challenge indeed but yeah just make sure to have outer layers to spend time Incase of complete defeat to save as much as you can


The first time I got hit by a Rockslide I sustained significant damage, the first few waves were easy and lulled me into a false sense of security. By the end of the purge half of the base I had been building was gone along with improved workstations, T4 Thralls, 2 horses and the majority of my fighters and Archers. It was a day of great loss :sob: I haven’t made that mistake since and now when a Rockslide is approaching I move fast to equip the Archers with better arrows.

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It appears he will regenerate if given time and space. I could only get minimal damage with snake arrows and explosives. I made a dent in him this time. :smile:

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