Purge in cliffside


Single player game. Third wave of purge spawns inside cliff, they can shoot arrows and throw spears out of the cliff, but my pets and I cannot attack them. Tried re-logging and same thing happened three times now. Always the third wave. Also, all human purges are naked, Dafari all the way up to Nords.


Naked Purges is an old, known bug. It’ll be fixed eventually. Not much of a priority, I don’t think. Certainly getting Purges working in the first place (for online servers) has to come first.

The spawning inside your base thing is (at least supposedly) happening if the Purge cannot find a path to your base (building too cleverly is not allowed).

But I have no idea why this would apply to the third wave only, or why they would spawn inside the cliff - inside the base, yes, inside the cliff - no.


Got to thinking about a previous base I had that had the same problem. So I went and built a shack on some flat ground and put my bed in it. Got the purge to spawn on the shack, and the spawn that comes from the NW spawns partially in the ground. Just so happens my base has a cliff to the NW as did the previous base. They must be spawning in the ground and staying there.


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