Purge inside base. When will FC notice it?

Hello everyone. It’s not the first time I’ve encountered a problem, but I didn’t want to write to the forum before. Now is the time and I will write.
What do you do when purge spawns in base textures? In the base, in the walls, etc.? Wait afk and wait until it ends …

I wonder when the fc will pay attention to it.


well, its a problem…

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your right, a proper bug report w detailes to funcom.

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Perhaps you are right, maybe I should create a support ticket. I just see that there are a lot of those with such a problem, and I understand that the chances for something are small, since it has not been fixed yet.

Although, maybe it’s my post that will raise them…

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Just to be clear, are they inside the base or the mesh of the ice wall?

Inside the ice wall, beyond the wall is my base.

Damn, what do I do wrong and I never get these purges :thinking:?

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The answer to your question in the thread, create a base in the ice cave:DD

Moreover, the Cimmerians were stuck in the wall, npc purge an outcast Vanir chieftain walked along the paths and did not get stuck in the wall.

The answer as well is already given to you too then. If you build this way then you force the game errors to appear. Yet it is a bug, a well known, long time now, I wish this thread would change it, but if you really want to help the company to fix the problems the it would be best to follow procedures and report properly as @anon83039162 suggested. We are just player in love with the game here, nothing more :wink:


They literally talked about it in past dev streams. They talked about how they were working on fixes for it, and knew it wouldn’t fix “all” instances, but that it would be continued steps to fixing the problem overall (and other such problems with the Purge).

But ya, they “never pay attention”…


I actually had no idea you could build inside the Ice Temple. Possibly this “pathing” issue is due to the fact that you are not supposed to be able to do that. Tests incoming. . . .

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Not in the temple. It’s a cave located up from those 3 one skull rock nose kings near the black keep.
Edit. Sort of near the black keep its off to the side a ways. Not sure if grid number.


This is not an ice temple, this is an ice cave.

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