Purge intensity question

I’m on a private PS4 server (playing on a PS5) and have not touched the purge settings. I’ve been online this time for a couple of weeks. My base is near New Asgarath, others have bases scattered around the map. There are currently 4 of us on the server. We had our first purge a few days ago and we had 4 or 5 waves of Nords at my base, approx 5 or 6 npc each wave. We had another last night, and oh my God! There were 30-40 NPCs per wave (luckily 3 of us were online) at my base and we timed out in the middle of the third wave. Why the disparity? What determines how intense; i.e., how many npcs, what type, monsters, etc are spawned during a purge?

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