Purge is broken....still

This has been brought up many times, so I’m not sure why this is still a problem, the purge spawns inside your base or it will spawn outside your base and when they get close they teleport inside a structure. My base has rivers on 3 sides, the purge attacked my base but when they came to the river some of them disappeared and re-appeared inside one of my buildings. I keep all my non-combat thralls inside buildings so needless to say most of them were dead. I have also had them spawn inside my roof before or on top of a building. This issue has been a problem for at least a year and it has been ignored, I don’t understand why it’s so hard for Funcom to fix problems, the only thing that Funcom seems to listen to is ideas for DLC’s. Please fix this problem, I don’t want to turn off the purge because I think it adds a lot to the solo players experience but only if it works as intended.


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