Purge is now to hard

Purge is now to difficult

Why have they made purge so hard with update. We only had 3 ot people online and had to fight two rock bosses. This us just crazy. They were at same time why such a hard to kill rocknose.

What did you do? :astonished:

I don’t think Purges have changed much in last few patches. I think you just got unlucky and got a lv6 Purge. And your location got you rocknose’s. =(

My last few have been …laughable easy. But getting one thats lv6 is fairly rare honestly.

A good idea is lure them away and try and handle rest of stuff. You can also make little wall traps, and lure them in and then giggle at them? Not fan of cheesing… if you get hit with stuff your not ready for, may not have a choice. =(

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