Purge isnt good

Players at pve and conflict are suffering from fake users who purges near bases. They kick the demolishers near the structures and then they destroy them, big boom no structure.


I have nothing else to add here. I just joined here to support your post. What you say it’s really happening and must be stopped!

The only thing you can do is to secure your npcs in the base and set their interaction behaviour from defensive attack to passive.

In the New purge, the catalyst for a griefer to draw the purge enemies to a victim 's base are the victim 's npcs and their behaviour.

If you have in and out of your base npcs set to defensive attack, it will be as if you have set up a sign “Hello griefer, come and grief me”.

Your best bet is to keep your npcs safe in your base and their behaviour set to passive. In other words, you will have to make your npcs into living decorations in your base.

Let me see if i understand, as long that my npc dont touch other clans demolishers, they cannot dammage my structres?. Keep in mind that the demolishers can be kicked until they reached my structures, and then they are being exploded.

Yes, as long your own NPCs do not interact with the purge npcs you’ll be fine.

As I was told, the purge npcs will attack your structure if they got attacked by your npcs.

So far from the day I heard about the purge exploit and how to combat it, I haven’t been attacked nor lost my castle.

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Thanks appreciate your tip, i check it

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You are welcome, and stay safe from griefers.