Purge Issue: Take Two

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Hardware: PS4

Purge bar has been full for over a month now. This will be my 2nd time bringing this issue to light. I have a Server Chat running that has probably 90% of the active players on server in it. I asked around and, it seems others are experiencing the same conditions all different kinds of builds/areas of the map. Seems issue is server wide. Purge bar is full to over full.


Log indicated that the Purge starts and ends mutiple times, mutiple days in a row.

No banner ever shows across the screen indicating the Purge has began or its type. Purge never really starts.

My Purge bar says:


But it never comes.


I have a theory since it happening to me a couple of time and right now.
When it happen, I noticed the first purge started and ended when none of the clan member was online if we online after that the purge will just start and end until the end of the purge window.
I only gotten my first purge in IoS by staying online from beginning of the purge window so far.
It might be a coincidence, will need more people to check.

Hey @Zeb

We’ve gotten reports about this issue and it seems to be influenced by a myriad of conditions. Just to narrow down possible causes, could you let us know your server number and location in the map? If you determine that to be sensitive information to be shared publicly, you can also send that information to us via DM.

Thanks in advance.

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Official Server 8080

J4, J11, and M12.
Are my full structure locations.

I apologize for my delay in response to you, however I wanted to attempt to use the Convergence Trap to maybe force the Purge. It has now been two hours of sitting here with it. Nothing happened, tho the beam went up. The beam is not being shown any longer. Although it says it’s still active if you try to interact with it. It will not let you access the menu. Only prompts you saying “A Convergence Trap is already active”. Purge bar is still over full.


You could try demolishing the convergence trap, build another, place it down, load it with lesser ??? to drain the purge meter, then once the purge meter is drained, load the trap with the other ??? type to force a purge.

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Update: Ended up being able to seemingly? Use the trap to provoke the Purge. Got hit by Accursed, who ripped through my T3 like butter.


But, overall were unimpressive when met combat wise. (I will start delving into the Purge a bit more soon with a fear that I am going to be very disappointed in T5 vs map gained Thralls.) Once we had the Purge we gained the excess bar from the Purge meter being overfilled as expected, that seemed to take us to half. We did a few vaults and a Surge which unfortunately I didn’t notice took us to overfull again. However the good news is this time the Purge came on its own. So it does seem that the Trap can be used to unstick a stuck Purge. Which is wonderful. After being Purged once more last night without help this time. The Purge bar is once again in the half filled position upon logging out. I will be paying more attention to see the fill rate from here. Thank you for the suggestion @Lucidique.:black_heart:


I play PC on a PVP Siptah server (Official) and our purge bar has been full for close to two weeks. Other clans on the server had the same issue but seems to be working for them now but not us. Murphy’s law the purge will probably summon when none of us are online to defend :slight_smile: