PURGE Issues (please add it to the list)

@Jens_Erik kudos on the purge document you recently added. not sure if i should post this here or into pc update and bugs. (feel free to move it)

NPC human attackers are always naked,. crafters when tamed/cooked , remain naked…

i have pictures and a t4 purge carpenter that is showing his little parts to all the dressed up carpenters.

thank you.


I moved this to the PC bugs category :slight_smile: Please post the pictures if you can, and let me know if this is happening on a dedicated server or in single-player.

Here’s a screenshot of the named set priest I got from the Exiles purge:

Onun of the Scales - Set Priest

Grrr Legbiter also looks like that.

Named thralls should look unique if I have to be honest…


ill post the picture of the “three whisperer” once i get back … :slight_smile:

all human purges ()the attackers are all naked… not a problem with fighters and archers, (Besides being anticlimatic) , but the naked crafters you cant fix their clothing… (for now) .

I have the same issue in my single player (local) game on PC. I’m getting attacked by colonies of nudists apparently (happened in every one of the 3 human purges I’ve experienced).

Additionally, the purges I do get seem to be bugged in that sometimes I’ll get the announcement that a wave is attacking and no wave shows up. Usually, though not always, I’ll get 1 or 2 waves and then nothing for the rest of the half hour, even though the purge is still active. I will get the ‘x has been defeated’ message after the half hour, even if there have been no enemies for 20+ minutes. Periodically I’ll get the ominous siren noise, despite nothing more showing up.

I’ve never had nothing show up.

I suspect they might be spawning under the map or something, as once when I went in search of a missing wave I found a bunch of spiders had spawned on top of a rock and couldn’t get down. However, usually I can’t find where a missing wave has spawned, so I’ve given up looking for them.

Also, are human purges supposed to be so rare? I’ve had 3 human purges out of about 2 dozen (at 3 different base locations). I came to suspect that one of my bases was bugged for the purge because I got nothing but spiders there, no matter how I changed my settings.

PVE official #1930 he was bald when we captured, but now it has the typical placeholder doll…

all purge HUMANOID NPC attackers are always naked, comes with weapons but no clothing… i have seen this in voltaries , nordheimers, exiles, dogs, you name it.

another picture for reference :

Purge attackers are naked since the first time I saw the purge, in June. Despite the large number of patches - no one has fixed this bug. Any comments from Funcom?

In my opinion, as we cant change clothes of crafter thralls (for now), for me it is better to leave things this way, as we could understand from what source this or that thrall was acquired. As human purges are really rare (at least on my official PVE server) its a good way to be proud of what you have.

i dont need them naked to feel pride that i found one…

This proves again that there are simply not enough resources working on the game. I can have some understanding for very complex issues but this is just filling some tables with the correct values, shameful on the part of Funcom considering the amount of money this game has generated.

OT: Continuing the discussion from Purge 101: How it works and other things you should know:

@Jens_Erik Can you explain the logic behind it please(on official servers with 6 days decay timer)?

If you are on a private server, the mod CharEditLite will let you edit the clothing on workstation thralls if you want to cloth them in the meantime.

Continuing the discussion from Purge 101: How it works and other things you should know:

jens, this is the problem imo.
I’d like to see the purge triggering 100% once your meter is full.
Sure it’s nice to not be able to predict everything and that some randomness is involved, but just look at the result, players are struggling to see purges happening and they want that, it’s a feature they are really looking for.

For me the purge should target THE player/ clan, as soon as his purge bar is full, with a delay of like 15-60 min assuming it’s during the purge time window. That way everyone can be sure too see a purge at least once and everyone knows exactly what to expect from this triggering mechanic.

Don’t forget that a purge meter on official is going up EXTREMELY slow even for hardcore gamer when they play solo, but it would be fine if we would be sure we’ll get it when the time has come.

I login every day, but my purge meter remains at zero since the last update.

And Jens.
Have you thought about the idea of having online purges only but 24 hrs a day?

Sure would make the game a lot more risky if I logged on on Sunday morning in enc mode loaded with stone to find out I’m being purged at the other end of the map. Gotta unload, change pants, respec & travel. Unlikely I’d be able to do all. Would be a great challenge for end gamers.


i agree, have same issue.

All Forgotten Tribe purge in the north, thralls are coming nacked like described. Also 90% have still this uggly haircut ! oh why ?!

Thou Shalt Not Mock The Skullet, King of Hairdos, Lord of the Locks, Triarch of the Tresses and Master of the Manes.


@Jens_Erik Your ignoring of the question speaks volumes…

still i dont see this item listed in the purge issues over that thread… cant believe its not been acknowledge by funcom after all this time, the naked bug has been around since launch…


bump :slight_smile: