Purge locations not random

Is there a fix coming for the purges happening at one location only? I play on a very built and active server and they only happen in one spot every time.

read patch notes

If I could have found the answer I wouldn’t have asked the question.

Yes, this will come at some point. They’re fixing it step by step.

In my testing in the TestLive patch, the purges are random as far as where each wave attacks from. At one of my bases, each wave comprised two separate attacks from each side of the base. Since they were directly below my Thralls, they were unable to target the attackers.

The attacks were at the foundations at the base of the cliff the where I built in this location. After looking over the area, I made some changes to the base to allow the attack waves to get up to the main portion of the base and the gate.

At my main base, the waves came at 3 different locations the first time. They were ineffective since they were not properly equipped.

The second attack at my main base, they did this. Each wave had an orb thrower in it. Once I figured out the path they were taking, I started shooting at them while they were on their way to the Lower South Gate. The only wave that hit at full strength was the first one of the 3 waves. Only one attacker made it to the area in the last wave. The damage and collateral damage was easily repaired from materials on hand.

They never breached the gate at this location. I have since made some adjustments to the defenses here since it became obvious that the archers on the Upper South Gate were not in range of the attackers.

Had my game been on a server, the damage may have been worse than it was. My settings only allow for 2 minutes of prep time before the attack begins. With the changes to the A.I. and additional spawns for mini bosses and bosses I would have had some issues getting back in time.

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