Purge locusts are overpowered

The base enemies of the locust purge are incredibly overpowered, they have a common attack that can kill any player without a large supply of violet cureall or very high vitality, if you run a character focused on armor and not vitality one of these attacks can be a death sentence. They should not be able to stack poison 10 times in a single attack, even if you did have all the necessary potions which can get ridiculous considering how often they use the attack, it’s still overpowered. My character can handle a relic hunter swarm by himself, but only one of these attacks killed me before I could access my inventory and drink my cureall.

I suspect it may be a bug if they apply 10 stacks of poison in one swing. If it isn’t, well, I agree that it’s a bit too much.

Sometimes the Survival 40 perk has its uses.

Ive felt that they are a bit op as well my first purge happened to be this and have had a few more since then we had 4 people on with decent armor and still died multiple times as well as losing 4 or 5 thralls not saying the thralls were geared or had the best weapons but when the bugs kill you more than any other purge i think its an issue

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They have a weird attack similar to the locust queen, however instead of a warning stance and initial attack prior to spitting, they just randomly spew out poison. It’s important to note that the reaper queens attack stacks 0 poison while the normal reapers attack stacks 6 if you catch it quick enough, 10 if you don’t react quickly.

See when I read this, I feel it’s an issue with the others being too easy, not 1 of like 3 purges being an actual challenge.

The Purge is supposed to be, a Purge, a challenging PvE event. Most of the time it’s not. Maybe not 10 stacks of poison in one hit (I’ll have to look at their bp buff later after work), but they should absolutely be challenging. And not just an outlier because it’s one of a tiny sliver of purge events that can actually kill stuff in your base.


It’s more like 10 hits in one attack, and each individual hit inflicts poison. It’s an attack just like the queens strongest attack, problem is it hits so fast and each individual hit stacks poison. I’ve dodged when they begin to attack and still get minimum 6 stacks of poison, this being a medium armor dodge, so another issue is it’s range.
The big issue is that the attack inflicts poison for each individual hit, and it hits insanely fast as well as has range greater than a pike by about double or triple. It’s 6 to 10 hits as far as I’m aware as I’ve never had less than 6 stacks inflicted without a killing blow dealt by an ally right before they attack, and even then I get 2-3 stacks in those circumstances.

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@Multigun i agree other purges could be stronger as well i like the challenge they are supposed to offer but like @Zantalar said i feel the poison stacks to quickly

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You know, I never felt like the locust purges were too bad (been to plenty), but the snake purges I’ve been getting at my new jungle base? Well, let’s just say it’s the first time I’ve ever need poison cures and healing arrows to make it thru a purge with the 40 Vit medium armor spec I normally run.

Not that I don’t mind the challenge, but holy crap! :sweat_smile:


When I run my vitality character the locust purge isn’t a big issue, more of a nuisance than anything, I’d have to retreat and heal before coming back. However this means that you’d have to spend a massive chunk of attribute points in order to take part in those purges, almost a third of your attribute points. Any player that doesn’t want high health can’t effectively fight in those purges, the game is designed to have good variation of players, however this purge can only be survived by a specific build type, HP.

I can’t comment on snake purges as I’ve not run up against them, you’d need thralls to combat the snakes, they have low HP. Honesty thralls are your best bet, the big ones don’t seem to miss any attack. You’ll want to hit them with shield users or thralls to tank the damage, back off when you become the target and let a shield user or thrall get it’s attention. Snakes are my favorite Legendary to fight as they do the least damage to my thrall and takes the shortest amount of time to kill.

Fight poison with poison. They are also affected by poison. I just stand where they can’t get me and hit them with the poison cloud arrows. They are super easy to make and kill everything that isn’t undead very quickly.

Oh I hate it when people use poison cloud arrows during a purge; they make it so hard to see anything, especially in an area that’s already super green (jungle by the curse wall). Typically what I do is mop up the small fry with an AoE weapon, then alternate between venom-infused daggers and a sundering weapon on the boss while my thralls DPS. And yes, a shield is great for tanking/distracting while the troops go to town.

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