Purge lvl 1 difficulty

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can anyone tell from their own experiance if the lvl 1 purge is something that i can solo without thralls?

Going to need more information:

Are you level 60?
Do you have top crafted or legendary weapons?
Do you have epic crafted armor?
Do you know how to use those weapons, have you fought 4-5 enemies at time before?

In general you can solo a tier 1 purge, maybe even with subpar armor/weapons but its up to your skill against multiple enemies because if you can’t fight stunlock then you will die pretty fast.

Yes. I did a level 1 to test an area for it actually working. I had Epic hear and armor, a level 20 dalinsia. We never got close to death.

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will i need all of those??! im lvl 30 with steel weapon and basic clothes

In my efforts with the purge level 1 and 2 were manageable to solo and one thrall following without anything else, level 3 total defeat, so atleast level 1 and 2 are tptally doable solo. Have to plan more strategy to level 3 :slightly_smiling_face:

which thrall? named one? i had something like 5 Thurgras and every one of them died(not during a purge even) very easily before i was even able to get them to lvl 10.

At level 30 with steel weapons, I personally could beat a tier 1 purge. But it would take precision work to avoid damage (assuming I went 20 agility or strength and 10 vit so no glutton). I don’t know your skill level or if you played 63738 hours of dark souls or not so I would say that you can do it, but I don’t want to give you a false sense of security.

An easy way to test is to build a coffer a little ways from your base , put a coin in there and trigger a purge. If you can’t handle it you will lose 1 coin and none of your structures get damaged.

The items I mentioned will only reduce the skill needed, I can’t guarantee you a victory but it would be really hard to lose at level 60 with epic armor and legendary weapons vs a t1 purge.

Level 20 Lian :slightly_smiling_face:

to sum it up i die rather easily…


Can you make poison arrows yet? I found them very useful during the new purge. They walk in a very predictable path to your door/gate. Simply pepper that path with poison arrows from an elevated location. It’ll kill a lot of them and soften up the others to finish off with melee weapons.

There are a few factors.

How many thralls you own will impact the purge as well as it’s level.

Just by numbers, yes it is possible. Maybe even easy.
But you must avoid stunlock and be ready for them to interrupt you.
AoE attacks and crowd control are your friend.
As are choke points and maze corridors in your trap…
er… base to be purged.

for what i got to experiance the combat gets quite easy when you reach 20 points in strength or agility so maybe with 20 points in str and a greatsword or two handed axe

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Whoever made this decision is clearly a clueless idiot, unaware of CE having lower level thralls (not to mention dancers and bearers).
BTW - why are they still in-game? Why would anyone choose to keep a 167 HP level 1 thrall who dies in 3 hits (wearing full heavy armor)?

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House decoration.

I really hope the Purge scales according to the number of thralls in the base being purged (ie. within a certain distance of the treasure room) rather than all thralls owned by the clan. I have a shelter for homeless T4 Exile fighters and archers on the shore of Noob River, whereas my treasure room is at Mounds of the Dead, and I don’t want those beggars a hundred miles south affecting the Purge at my real base.

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