Purge mechanic question

So, we are built on top a pillar and haven’t seen a purge yet. When one comes, how will they attack since the only ground access is the elevator?

Ha ha

Oddly I had one with reapers. And it was my neighbours purge but pathed to me. Reaper Queen full on in my tower bedroom.

I waa so confused because we were due for a purge. But no horn. Next thing I knew. Reapers on my base. In my base. All over the place.

Actually, you can expect purges to attack your access to the base if they can walk up to it. If this access is stairs, they will most likely destroy the lower part of the stairs.

A latter purge also hit this gate. The damage the second purge did was extensive. Part of the wall had been destroyed and they were very close to breaching the gate itself. Almost all of the surviving parts of the wall needed to be repaired.

can you estimate the number of foundations used in your construction?

EDIT: also, is your purge meter over the first line?

We finally got a purge, they attacked at the bottom of our elevator.

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