Purge Meter is behaving weirdly/won't increase on player activity (BROKEN)

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Players have reported that the Purge Meter doesn’t move up when playing, but that it will decrease when they log off. QA are having trouble reproducing this so we could use more information.

Tell QA to play over an official server for a 100% reproduction of the issue. hard for me to believe they cant reproduce it… its over ALL OFFICIAL SERVERs…

it WAS suppossed to be fixed as mentioned by @tascha in her pre halloween stream (a month ago?)… then we were told it was not ready, and now according to document is under investigation because they cant reproduce it! (JUST AMAZING!!!)

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. go to official server (any)
  2. create a clan
    3.play and see how slow it increases , log off, next day is at 0.
    4.(not hard to rerproduce)
  3. please TEST FIX BEFORE breaking something else…(as is common in every funcom patch)

The problem here is that just because we can reproduce an issue doesn’t mean we know where it’s coming from. Additionally, we thought we fixed the issue but it seems there are several issues that can cause the meter to behave weirdly. That is the reason we needed to do some more testing.

Also, the issues here is that not all players have problems with the purge meter. It has a random aspect to it which makes it a bit harder to pinpoint.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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ALL players in our official server have this problem.


Not all players on a certain server or all players literally meaning all players?
Because that makes a difference.

As I have seen for myself though it could be unrelated:
When we started anew on 1200 slightly before halloween event, everything was progressing fine. Sure, the purgemeter takes time to fill. Did so on launch day too and prior to that as well.
Then halloween patch hit us and our bar was broken.

I would guess something about purge gets broken whenever a patch applies. Which wont really help, I get that myself…

We have reports where players say their meters are moving normally.
We also have reports where players mention the purge meter goes down and we have reports where players say their meters are frozen.

Maybe there is some sort of common factor that effects the meter differently causing these different issues like freezing or decreases? :man_shrugging:

That is what QA is looking into and the reason it’s set to “under investigation” :slight_smile:

Yes that may be the case for certain servers. (That purge is running perfectly.)
Or if they started their purge meters after the latest patch, then they seem to work fine until the next patch breaks them. (As I tried to describe above, this was how it was for us when I joined 1200, but the first patch we experienced on that server broke our meter.)

So I get to ask again:
Do you mean “not all players” which includes EVERY server not only official or “not all players on the same server” or “not all players on official servers”?
While there are servers which have been told to have a perfectly running purge (though I dont know if that actually is the case), is there any player or clan which has a perfect functioning purge on official servers?

Sorry for asking this detailed, but I guess those do make a difference?

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EVERY player in server 1930 is having this issues. just to let you know and i have not seem anyone saying on the forums that is working as intended.

this is very frustrating, i have reported purge problems since launch day. and still cant see it working as it should , (6 months long of people complaining about it.) … i wonder how many MONTHS is going to take to finaly nail it down. :frowning:


The day your “QA” will actually do QA, meaning taking a copy from an official server and so some testing on that environment, they could see it and all other issues for themselves. It is not rocket science. And tbh saying you do not have a QA team would come across better than saying that you do have one, judging by the quality delivered each time when you release something.

FYI: Official 1035, also every player, purges have been broken since release.

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Well… whatever you did in the Pets patch(es) is what broke it. Surely someone knows what they did and can go from there? I must admit it’s a little disheartening to hear “can’t reproduce” on one of the most widely experienced and reported problems in recent memory.

It is not reproducible 100% of the time which is a clear indication that that there is more than one issue that we need to fix and more we need to investigate to fix it properly.
Can’t reproduce does not mean we cannot reproduce it at all.

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To reproduce it, why not do it the way I described?
Start up a clan on some build, build the purge meter and the finishing touch is updating that build of the game. (Patch) At least for a lot of people that seems to be what broke purge.

I dont know why exactly. Maybe its incompatibility of old data with newer build. I honestly dont know.
I mean most data has been there for months and has seen a lot of patches.

Well on good note i was getting 3-5 Purges a week so i getting Nice break. even do I kill well all bosses & have lot Thralls help me & Friends. Boy I need a break for sure. LOL But yea i do miss Purges as long they 1-2 week.

they are probably busy with something else, and maybe more DLC… before this gets fixed, lets be clear it got broken over a month ago, and truly sorry to say it but after a month i believe we are getting is excuses . i am still VERY angry why how funcom is managing this game.

so it means with the animal patch funcom broke it more than once in the same patch? cause it was working you before the animal patch you know…

I understand that you are very frustrated about this particular issue but I gave you as much information as I can:

We thought we had a fix but we got more reports with different issues regarding the meter creeping up.
There are several issues that can cause the meter to bug out which we are currently investigating as high priority and it’s being worked on, as clearly noted on your Trello board.
The team is testing different scenarios to help them figure out why the meter is behaving differently on different occasions.

That is all the info I can give you atm and I am going to close this thread since we are already going off topic with DLC jabs and QA jabs that are not necessary.