Purge meter not lower when away from game for 1 week

I’m a solo player on Official PvE server. My purge meter is about 80% to the 1st line. I didn’t play for 1 week so that it could drop… From past it should be zero after being away this long… Didn’t move at all… WTF???

@Shadowkaster they want you dead ! :wink:

Same here on ps4 official pvec siptah.
I was more than to weeks offline everything decays but the purgemeter is over the line.

And the event log says every few minutes that a purges has started. The whole purgetime every day.

There are issues with the purge right now. My purge meter was up to 50% an hour after a purge.

And mine been maxed for 3 weeks and still no purge
Purge problems are all over the place

This happens sometimes… not sure if it’s a bug, but I’ve seen it a few times in the past, long before 3.0… unless you mean it was wiped clean and suddenly jumped to 50%. Typically it never drops to zero when this happens, as though the purge wasn’t “good enough” to completely wipe it.

if your meter is below the 1st bar it will drop down to zero usually takes 3-4 days off line. If it is over the 1st line it will not drop below that line and anything over the 1st line will carry over after a purge has been done. So if you purge bar is 100% full after a purge the purge bar will start at 25%.

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Ah ok… usually it triggers immediately during the purge time, so I rarely see it that high. Makes sense.