Purge Meter Reset

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [EU]
Mods?: [Yes]

Bug Desription:

Purge meter drops to 0, probably during server restart

Expected Behavior:

Purge meter does not reset for no reason other then purge happening

Server details

Server setup with The Tool run on private hardware, actual server not multihome solution
Server restarts each morning with auto-update on
Map: Isle of Siptah

Installed Mods:

  • CAS, ID 2086135111
  • Tier 4 Thrall increased spawn, ID 1467634310
  • Configurable Elevators, ID 1716717492
  • Exile Architect, ID 1403991684
  • Frost and Volcanic Placeable, ID 1938214103
  • Builder’s Workbench reborn, ID 1959174056
  • LBPR, ID 1369743238
  • Undead Mount, ID 1928783630
  • LCDA, ID 2001044383
  • HRL, ID 2259098036
  • Toned Tones, ID 1704010166
  • BGM, ID 2247179438
  • MCP, ID 1823412793
  • Severe Weather, ID 1793706840
  • EVW, ID 2448526796
  • Bloodbath, ID 2483184203

Steps to Reproduce:

Check purge meter at start of game night,
notice purge progress bar fill a during the gameplay,
log off
observe purge bar empty next time you log in
happened several times

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aaand today, circa 50% meter filled… poof!.. gone

I have seen a similar report from someone else which was related to a trap. Let me dig it out, it may help.

There was another one in some of the discords which had something to do with players joining a clan after a trap has been placed or something along the lines.

There are no traps on map

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