Purge Mob after each Sandstorm

Why not have Purge Mobs that appear randomly anywhere on the map after a sandstorm (50% or better of appearing) they appear and remain till destroyed they will wander and attack any player that crosses there pass or base that they come across … this will not replace the purge this will be a separate occurrence and only after each sandstorm

Forgot to mention when purge mob appears after a sandstorm all players can see the mob on the map big X will show we’re the mob is located … these mobs can also have T4 thralls that appear in regular purges

I’m not opposed to sand beast spawning (like in the intro movie), but it should not be purge mobs.

As often as the sandstorm occurs, anyone with a base in the desert would sign-off for the night only to return the next evening to find their base in shambles. Their only way of preventing such would be to have an absurd number of pets and thralls deployed which would only exacerbate the current problems with people spamming more defenders than servers can reasonably support.

Players would never do that :confused:

Well every base on my server has mobs of pets and thralls that any purge would be lucky to destroy a foundation or maybe even 2 plus purge mobs could appear anywhere they don’t target anyone specifically they wonder till they find a player or base also purge mobs would be marked on the map so every player on could hunt them down for fun

Or they could make it that purge mobs appear after sandstorms only during purge times

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