Purge - news and results

Some singleplayer purge tests and results more.

This last week, i set-up a new singleplayer game, and played bit around with the purge. Yes, i like that. :laughing:

I wanted test a bit an other way, and knowing there is a journey step “make your home” i wanted try avoid to trigger it, so i didn’t properly build a first base. Just made a camp near executionner entrance, one of my fav spots indeed, with some tents, pallisades, some first necessary crafting stations and a small WOP. Then i went out, grabed some thralls, farmed, all the usual stuff we do.

Of course, meter didn’t raise a quick as when i built a base, but it filled, and soon it was full, and some purge announced. Got some purges early in the week, still nacked guys, exiles, but then the fixes came out.

Next purges, they was more people, still desperate exiles, but again dressed, with several named thralls. Hard fight, i had only 1 simple spotted hyena, and a fighter thrall at this moment. Grabed some named, then some archer, a fighter more.
Ttoday, 2 purges more hit my smallish camp. All fine and dressed again with i think about 2-3 named ones coming with each.
Hard time to get some knocked out before my other thralls killed them, they fight now very well ! So lot of fun really ! :rofl:

Look at my today catch:

Of course, me and greater hyena Gryta, and from left to right, Airk the Slayer, Enika of Cimmeria and Ghuriel the Wicked.

Very happy with the purge right now, and great test in singleplayer, it works ! :+1:


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