Purge not triggering (several clans official server)


since last patch, the purges are not triggering as it used to,

there is at least 3 big clans , that has the purge bar full, and nothing. other than that we are getting purge started for clan ■■■ , 3 minutes later purge ended, then starts again then it edns, but no message over the screen. nothing… please check pictures below.

the only thing the 3 guilds got in common is VERY Large strructures bases, i can undersrtant is nto guarantee, but 3 days waiting for it to come is not exactly fun. last purges we got them always when we were eligible, something changed in last patch… reminds me the old days… please fix.

Friday 8

friday 8 and satruday 9.

Sunday 10. (i will keep adding more screns for today and other days )

it seems to be triggering for people with small bases and in the starter area… (or close by)


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we found another weird thing, while during the puirge window if a clan member dies the person who just died get a message of purge scouting your lands (vanir) , only the person who died see the message, not the clan members. and i think i know why… apparently the purge is targeting anyone in particular but everyone at the same time? no a single soul here has been purged in the last couple days.

only the person who just died, can see the message, because when respawn in that location (Bed or bedroll) it says system error you are not in a clan message,. when trying to write in guild chat. but after a few seconds the clan info gets loaded.

so , something got seriously messed up with the purge during the last hotfix update. (very sad)

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Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and is looking into it. Thanks for the extra information, we’re forwarding to them. :slight_smile:

thank you @Ignasi

should i add the screen for today attempts of getting purged? its the same as you saw for the weekend.

may i ask if its safe to go to be thikning purge is not happening until fixes are coming? our clan dont want to miss it of course.

thank you.,

Hey @Palm522

Which server was this happening on? (sorry if you mentioned it before, my memory can be a little fuzzy these days)

hey no prob. ignasis…

official server 1930 PVE added yesterday screenshot of the event log (purge)


just to let you know is still not triggering for us. been with bars full the whole weekend and nope, same thing purge started, purge ended, purge started , purge ended. thing and NO purge…

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Thanks for letting us know @Palm522

Our team is still looking into it.

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