Purge NPC's getting stuck

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While on my gportal server during the purge NPC’s will glitch through foundations and walls. They get stuck in foundations and I have to tear down half my foundation walls to find them. And some can walk right through regular walls. Anyone else having this problem?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Yes, I saw this quite often with purges early on. I stopped playing for a time and have recently come back.
It is a pain when the NPC’s get stuck but I am sure they are working on making things better.

Poison arrows and Gas Orbs can go thru walls and even unbreakable structures.

Thou both will kill your thralls… but they can help great to kill stuff trap in a mountain, under map, or in a place you can’t get to.

Explosive jars work to! BUT… I dont suggest using near your base. XD


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