Purge on an official x4 server

This server is dead, except for 1 or 2 anonymous people that I see logging in every once in awhile, and I think I know why. I started here with a friend and we enjoyed it… until the purge started targeting us. A 6 severity setting on a x4 server is punishing and no fun at all. We had an army of nordheimers attack us and there were easily 100 of them. They killed both of our thralls we had built up expecting this, and we got so tired of fighting them, we just mostly just ran around until they despawned. The last purge we had to deal with spawned a mix of very difficult wildlife and thralls, with a 3 skull dragon as a cherry on top. At least this most recent one just spawned a really hard 3skull NPC thrall, but she ran off and fled when the purge was “defeated”.

I guess I’m not expecting this to actually change, this is Funcom, this game is old, I doubt anyone even cares anymore, but I just had to vent about it. I guess all these dead official servers now make sense. All this work we put in to this server will mostly be for nothing since we’ll probably just quit now knowing how difficult it is.

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I’m going to try to keep an open mind here.
Typically the purge is no big deal as long as you’re prepared for it ofc and know the ins and outs of the game.
The main challenge is building up to the point where you have the weapons and gear to cause some real damage to them so that you can take them out while your thralls are “distracting” them…
However on a 4x server, this just isn’t the case, since you can get to max level in an instant pretty much.

Now sure, there are some harder ones out there, however you said you had a human player helping you… usually none of them are an issue with 2 players at the helm since the main issue with purges is always the constant side-swapping to scout out where they’re attacking from.

In any case, if you’d like you could elaborate on which part gave you the most trouble and what build / loadout you’re using as well as those thralls you had, etc. There are plenty of helpful people around ready to give you some tips on how to easily win the next time around. I have a feeling that this is one of those cases where the “lack of information” is the main enemy and not the purge!


You talk like someone who has hundreds of hours in a single server, has all the weapons, armor and resources you need, dozens of high level thralls, and you act like someone who hasn’t had to start over in so long that you’ve forgotten what it was like to genuinely struggle. Maybe when I have everything I’ll be condescending to people with 800 hours and act like they’re stupid, too.

No offense intended, but you talk like someone who is still sore and upset for the losses you suffered. Xevyr is trying to be helpful there.


Official servers have all the same settings, except gather rates on PvP. So what exactly is an official x4 server?

Either way, tough break, but no need to be salty to Xevyr. It’s a survival game at times and some of those lessons we end up learning the hard way.


No, I talk like somebody who simply knows the game mechanics and is willing to give you helpful information :slight_smile:
I actually started a new game not that long ago at 0.2x XP rate (my previous one was at 0.1x) and I’m just around level 30 atm, which is why I try to avoid the purge in that game for now by knowing that if I build my building along the river, that is a no purge zone and I will not get a purge even if my bar is full.
There, that’s one helpful information :slight_smile:
Another is that you also won’t get any purges if your building is below a certain size, as long as you’re below ~70-is blocks they don’t target it… giving you time to build up and obtain some thralls etc.

As for combat and killing things, I actually have inside information since I made a dozen mods over the past few months, including a full on damage meter for which I had to track down exactly how damage is being done in conan.

For example, did you know that one of the most feared purges is a level 6 rocknose one, because at the end of it comes along a Rockslide who can level your buildings in seconds and most people don’t know how to fight him so they avoid engaging him even in the wild… some lost multiple high end thralls in epic armor to him.
However… if you know how he works and what exactly he is… he becomes a bit of a pushover… He happens to have a mere 4k HP, however at the same time he also has 7200 armor… so the reason people don’t see his healthbar dropping isn’t because he has a lot of health… but because they’re using the wrong weapons and his armor is deflecting most hits.

Here’s what a simple star metal bow can do to him with a regular cimmerian berserker tanking in non-epic armor. (this is the super-confortable authority version, you can also go up against him solo without a thrall face to face with a blade of 7 winds or a high penetration mace and if you have the auto-healing perks and some heavy armor, you won’t even feel him)

I also released several helpful spreadsheets along the way, where you can look up thralls for example and decide which ones to take, seeing as they have hidden stats you cannot see on the interface:

Soooo no, the reason I asked you to type down which part you struggled with, was not to be condescending, but because I was pretty confident that I can help you with information so the next time things go better :slight_smile: Plus the forum has a ton of other veteran players who know tips and tricks you can apply during purges, so I figured they’d chip in as well. The reason I typed that I’ll keep an open mind, is because like I said, the 4x rate should negate most of the real issues and for everything else you can get helpful information.



The first purge we never forget, i started to play this game with zero research before, i just fell in the land knowing nothing, like a real exile. After being killed some times by the sandstorm i manage to go to green north and there i built a wonderfull and adorable base and was living happy i little intriged with the purple bar at character screen, since one day i listened the horns fooooowwww theres a rocknose avalanche coming i tought rocknose ptff they are weak, me and the ragnar and his familly was defeating all then easelly, and then the second horn, from the top of the hill we sighted dozens of rocknose kings charging, ah what a fight, tired and wounded we celebrated the victory, too early, the 6 nd horn sounded (or it would be the 7st of doomsday). And here they come the father of all calamities, a Giant mthrfckr rockslide king that i even know that existed. He dizimated every thing killed the entire regnar family and i run for my life carrying what i could before he send my sandstone back to dust. Wow it was pure adrenaline.

I assumed it was because everything is sped up or made easier by x4, which unfortunately also seems to include the severity of a Purge. Where a normal wave might be 10, on here they are 40… PER wave, and there would apparently be up to 9 of them? There’s only dozens of bears mixed with hard hitting northerner thralls that I can take before it becomes tedious and not fun.

He starts his post with the preface that he’s holding himself back, and ends it with “there are plenty of people who can help”, which apparently doesn’t include him because he offers nothing but arrogant and condescending remarks about how I just don’t understand the game, and the posts caps off with a family-friendly “learn to play”. My guess, since that’s all he’s doing about me, is that he has not played on a 4x server and just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The purge before this, like I said, was fairly forgiving in comparison. Each wave was a few tough animals mixed with archers, I’d say maybe around 10-15 per wave, which was plenty hard enough for what we had, and the cherry on top was a white 3 skull dragon that spawned in my base and tore up everything. We lost plenty of resources, the thralls we had captured during the purge, a map room, and some other things. Even with that loss, I don’t feel like that was altogether unfair as a result, only that it should have spawned outside. I would have much preferred that purge again over having to deal with the crap we got this time.

And one last thing, I’m thinking that because everything is multiplied by times 4, it’s also assuming that you have x4 the help. It really does strike me like a programming miscalculation that doesn’t take into account the size of the clan that’s playing here. This would also explain why the server is barren and the only people I see logging in appear to only do so for just long enough to refresh their decay timer and then log out to tick down the purge timer, because their clan is inactive and they know a single player can’t deal with what will attack their massive complexes. They’re stuck in a loop of wanting to play, but can’t, because they’ll lose everything they’ve worked on.

The only saving grace of this latest purge was that it, luckily, decided to attack a redundant part of our build, which was a long bridge we had made to cross a lake. We tried to fight it off, but eventually just left it to get destroyed because there were way too many enemies for us to handle.

The purge take nothing in consideration, and if the server are pvp or pve-c other players can show up to kill you during the purge. Im sorry for your loss, let me share some tricks to avoid purge.

first one is not doing any activitie in game e purge meter will decrease


Second you can play normally and the pruge meter will fill, when it was full dot not log in the game before 22pm or the purge will spawn, if you want to reset the purge meter, enter the game near 22 pm, 21:45 aprox, the purge end 22pm no matter the wave it is, then you can face one or two weaker hordes and the meter will reset. Doing this you can control when to have the purge and can prepare to face it better.


You assumed wrong… that’s the normal army of nordheimers purge and the level 6 is capped at 50 enemies… your server setting does not influence this in any way. The part that can be influenced through settings are how fast your bar fills up, what is the maximum size of the bar, and you can cap the purge level below 6 if you want so you only get the easier ones, for example if you set it to 4 then you can only get purge levels of 1-4…

Yes, because I could’ve just as easily started commenting on the other part of your post, namely this:

The fact that you had problems with a purge on a 4x server that’s not even among the harder purges and then your immediate reaction is to jump on the forum and bash the game developers in a completely ignorant fashion when the problem was your own lack of game knowledge… :man_shrugging:

That’s what I meant… that I will ignore that part and instead try to help you even thou that wouldn’t be the first instinct of someone reading that… Why ignore it? Because I understood that you must have been upset because of it and it was a sudden reaction in the heat of the moment and I assumed you’re not actually like that.
However you coming back today and doubling down in this fashion pretty much proved me wrong…

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Well it sounds like you should just leave and stop talking then, huh? I didn’t ask for your help and I clearly don’t want it, so move along.

Then what is your purpose here? :slight_smile: Or was this supposed to be an advert on what not to do?
If you don’t want or need help… you’re clearly capable of fighting any purge on your own so good luck.
Otherwise maybe you’re right and you should just quit this game since it’s clearly not for you :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that a purge triggers even when you’re offline? If that is not the case, then I suppose we will just do this to avoid them from now on.

they dont trigger if you are offline but, beware if you log, trigger the purge and logoff the purge will continue


Good to know. Thanks for the info.

I am curious what kind of server are you playing on official private pc Xbox ps4 information like that could help people who are willing to give you helpful advice there are places along newbie river that can give you a Skelos purg you have little chance of defeating. Sometimes purge shows up inside your base have had that happen multiple picture Frost Giants in side your base 2 to 3 floors talll You should be willing to accept advice from players who have been around awhile. No one is out to mess with you only help. @Madae

Based on the OP:

  • ranting about the game difficulty
  • bashing the game and developers
  • threatening to quit.

I was prepared to give Madae the benefit of the doubt and see if they were ready to accept advice and assistance, but I’m afraid I was being overly optimistic.

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Also at south of the river in exile, the purge do not spawn