Purge on testlive

The purge works great now on testlive in normal play. Private server. As soon as the meter hit the first marker the purge started.
level 4, got 3 waves of relic hunters (Sepermeru) 1 got stuck in the water but could kill him with arrows.

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While i had very good results on singleplayer, still waiting to see it again now on my server.
I worked a while ago, when 1 member joined, but then stoped with next patches.

Since the last patches, meter is filling again, but i altered also some settings, lowered them.
Yesterday had a meter reset after relog and/or server restart. Meter filled to nearly half now, this with a lvl 3 purge. Waiting to see if some will trigger next and of course if meter will get filled, or if it will reset once more.

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