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Level 4 Purges are unable to spawn on Official servers.
I came to this conclusion after failing to receive any level 4 Purges on Official servers and, though testing Offline with Official server settings. I’ve spawned a minimum of Fifty(50) Purges in each area that had the highest potential of receiving a level 4 Purge. Not one has occurred.
To be clear level 4 Purges are human based Purges.

Include The Following:

  • A Crew of Black Hand Pirates
  • A Band of Desperate Exiles
  • A Horde of Safari Cannibals
  • Dogs of The Desert Pack
  • A Gang of Degenerate Lemurians
  • A Cabal of Votaries of Skelos

I do not believe this is intentional because of the following statement:

Found Here:

I made this discussion with the intent of compiling as much data from other knowledgeable players before continuing to push the issue towards the development team. Please post any info you might have about your experience with Official server Purges.

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On official 2727 PVE we are only getting Rocknose purges now. Our main base is in the savanna area. 4 times in a row now and our neighbor also in the savanna area is getting Rocknose purges as well. We used to get other purges, but not anymore. This sucks and we can no longer get purge thralls.

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Can you screenshot the location on grid of your base, please.

I’m on official 1046 PVE.
My main base is in the crevice

About half of the purges I had so far were
" A throng of Yetis" and “The silent legion”
the other half were human purges
mostly " A clan of Cimmerian beast-tamers"
and one “Group of Vanir hunters”

However, I never had one of the Level 4 Purges you mentioned, although I have (or used to have) bases in Areas, where they should appear.
Purges I had there were always, Spiders, reptiles and the like.


I have built in/on the mountain were the Set Religion Trainer is. My main gate is the opening that you can walk up to the trainer. I’ll see if I can add some pics.

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