Purge problem , purge finishing with the regrouping message

got the cimmerian tanners to attackl our mounds of the dead base, we got the first wave fine, then we got the regrouping message, never got the timer that should pop afterwards, the purge bar went down, and the red mark on the map dissapeared. we did not got the message that the purge has been defeated , just regrouping message.

amazing we are still seeing this problem,

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If you check the server logs - I think you will find there spawn error messages. The new wave cannot find a point where it should be spawned(Find your base). When my brother and I played on our own server, this error occurred in about 50% of cases. Since the counter is not reset, we just waited until the next wave passed without errors.

i cant check server logs, as it is official server.

the 2nd wave never came, (despite the regrouping) , the purge bar also reseted after first wave, and the cross swords in the map, also dissapeared.

Common Funcom @Community , its just unbelievable that after a year we are still seeing problems with purges…

We have a similar issue on our private server too. Last 3 purges were one wave only, second and next waves have never appeared and purge was over by timer (30 mins). This is really frustrating. Before it was working just fine. The only difference in config is that we have enabled building during purges.

I had an interesting purge last night that could possibly affect others. It was a timing thing. Most of my purges are expected; the bar is well into, or at, the last vertical white bar.

I was close to the first bar, but not there at 10PM and went to do some stuff that drove my meter over the first bar. Very close to 10:40, I got a purge message. Our private server is set with a 20 minute prep time and the hours are 7PM to 11PM.

So two of us went to the far NW obelisk near where the purge was going to attack my base.

At very close to 11PM, I get the ‘incoming’ message, but nothing appeared. We continued getting the warning sounds, but no ‘regrouping’ message. Eventually (11:30) we got the ending message, but never saw an enemy. Our purges are set to last 30 minutes.

Coincidence? I think not. Purges outside the time window may just be head fakes. Perhaps a portion of your purges were outside the window?

Pondering, with regards


Hey there,

Sending this to our team.
Thanks for the feedback.

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