Purge question help

With the purge can you tell me how he chooses the bass it attacks when you have multiple basis

Sorry, nothing fancy about it.
However, from full launch to nowadays, there are locations which are unreachable by the purge.
Basically any body of water and mostly the edges of the map.

So what you’re saying if I build on an island with a drawbridge I will not get attacked but my one off the islands on solid ground will get attacked

There are conditions set to make it so an unreachable base can be reached via warp in. Doesn’t always work out that way and imagine the testlive version works better then the one on live currently.

As to your question, it’s random if you have multiple bases. But bear in mind, if you have one huge base, and another much smaller base, the game may recognize the much larger base as your main facility and mostly attack that one.

OK that sounds good but all my bases are the same except for the number of thralls and pets out them And yes I can’t wait for the new patch with the new test server on Consol because it does sound like it fixes a lot of the purge issues

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