Purge Questions and Bug (new patch possibly)

I have some purge questions, just got my first one and was totally wiped out.

First of all the new patch. Rolling is horrible but a lot of us are already complaining about that. After the patch my purge meter nearly doubled and I was attacked within a couple hour of first play after the patch.

First the bug. During the purge I got killed (of course) spawned inside my place next to the bed as we would expect. The problem is that my bed and all of my storage boxes were gone. Everything else was there, benches, etc. But all my backup stuff I had stored was completely gone. I got to run through the purge naked trying to collect my stuff. Finally got back in fighting shape, killed again, then spawned out in the desert where I last put a bed, too far away to do anything. At that point the purge was not inside my place, a clan member confirmed this. That has got to be a bug, either before or after the patch, don’t know, but that should not happen obviously.

The doubling of the purge meter made it impossible for me to be as prepared as I wanted to be.

Purge questions:

I had a T2 place just South of the Shattered Basin next to the Bonepicker Camp. I had all Stonebrick building, had a bunch of fighter/archer thralls and all kind of animals guarding. The purge was at least ten Nordheimer almost all level 3 guys, even one mini boss. They went through my thralls and animals like butter. After that I could not survive long enough to kill off hardly any of them. Everything lost except my animal food box.

I had never even seen a Nordheimer before and I’ve been over most of the L1/L2 map.

I watched every Youtube movie of a purge attack and nothing prepared me for this attack. Is this normal?

Was I too close to a T3 area and got hit by all T3 guys or something?

I could swear I read that T2 structures in a T2 area would survive a purge attack. Plus all the guards, figured I was in good shape.

With the new update came new purge types you just encountered one of them

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