Purge settings cannot be changed on SP/TL

hello everyone!
since the new update I cannot change the purge settings in my solo gameplay/ without mod
way to reproduce it:
1- open the purge settings while being admin
2- change things
3-close it
4-re-open it: Nothing changed ?
have a nice day !

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I can confirm this. As a work around, in Admin mode, use the command line EmptyPlayerClanPurgeMeter to clear it out.

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I find all the settings do not work. Adjust-close-reopen and it is back to what it was. To change say the damage multiplier one must log out of the game, go to the ini file, find the line and change it there, save it, then relaunch the game.


Same with private online server. Changing server setting on the client side is not saved.
Pet decay parameters are also missing from the menus.

Confirm, SP settings don’t work !

In singleplayer most settings revert back to default after closing the settings.

Tried it last night, also combat, survival, thirst/hunger, all revert back.

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