Purge Solo-Play Level 6

So, I was purged in solo-play, first time on this Char. I have another Comp (with installed CE game) with difficultly at level 4.

This is my 3rd purge in total, the first a dangerous one of Darfari hordes, good, but they wandered (appearing beside a small bunker: 1 foundation and 4 fence parts) and I had to run out to attack and have a few small groups chase me back to my main fort, or killed them as I ran to them, etc.

Next a group of Imps, naw, not good, slaughtered quickly (some appeared in fort, which was acceptable, demons can uses abyssal portals, etc, good fun and if it had been Darfari, I could mentally pretend they had climb the walls and attacked from within), but if it random rolls, fine, but I was expecting a more dangerous assault.

Assault should be based on size of settlement, example how many foundations, etc, one has and how many thralls in near vicinity…

But, problem is this, I had purge set for a time: between 14:00 and 19:00. and for TWICE per purge.

I had been active from 12:00 and was given the purge warning at 18:30 for my first purge (there was no second purge; unless to two form as one?).

I not happy at the wait, I was tired, etc and frustrated at the wait for purge…

Still purge was brutal and I was alone near my mining camp (near spider boss) and with small cabin and walled surrounds repealed them, though with great difficultly (set for 45 minutes and 20 minutes ready time).

If set for 2 purges: I should have got first one about 14:30 and seconded at 16:30, but not at 18:30, near time of purge ending time. I am wondering if purge was set to America time, not UK (I in Scotland)?


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