Purge spawn points

Game mode: [Online | Official]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Americas]

[Purge spawning inside my house. What is the use of walls? Why do we use better materials? I had 2 waves of Nordheimers spawn inside my bedroom in the house and in my smallish courtyard. These of course took out all of my large boxes and preservation boxes before I could get to them. Plus the bags all timed out before we could clear the waves of them. So though it’s not the end in real life, for me and the hours to make all that stuff it’s frustrating. If they had spawned on the roof that would have been much better but they spawned inside my second story. The elevator to get to them before they took everything out was gone early. Can’t some code be figured out to not spawn inside my bedroom? I wouldn’t even mind if they spawned just outside my door in the base. Just not where you don’t even have the room to fight them. They spawned right on my bed so my spawnpoint was on the other end of the map at my bedroll]

I think you’re in the wrong forum. We don’t have bedrooms in SWL.

I see you’ve posted it already on the Conan Exiles General forums, but the Updates and Bugs section might be a better home for it. Depending on what you play it on…

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