Purge still broken after 500 patch

Game mode: Private server with friends
Problem: Purge location
Region: eh…what, near sinkhole?

We have 5 bases at very different location.

  1. South of noob river, big base with walls, small defense force.
  2. Near the Buccaneer Bay, used to farm volatile gland/wood and fishing, 0 defense.
  3. Near New Asagarth, several houses with a maxed altar, some defenses over there but thralls are not well armed.
  4. Just outside Mound of the dead, small house defenseless.
  5. Between the Sinkhole and the Summoning place, heavy defenses + thralls are well armed.

The System always choose to purge base 5, every, single, time. What, are there oil fields around?

So I decided to burn base 5 to the ground, see if they purge other places…no. With or without console, things just no happening.

Oh, and every human mobs attacking my base are naked, they have weapons to attack but wears no armor.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: