Purge stopped growing


I just joined the forums as I found most stuff I looked up about the game was either here or Reddit, with…50% results for playing this game on Xbox.
Anyways I have been playing a week or so on an official server and got pretty well situated with no problemes with purge bugs or anything untill I made a guild earlier today which reset my purge bar to 0 from half. I’m the only member and nothing is happening to my bar. Will be (would) be my 3rd purge ever and was looking forward to it.
I have tried looking it up and doing research but was not able to get solid answers or reply on the topic since they were locked back in Feb.
Still learning about how to play but is this a matter of me leaving the clan? Or is it just ruined? I hope I posted in the right thread or didnt miss the same topic with the answers.

Official server number and did your event logs say anything to purge and which Xbox you on this will help
Identify problems or answer some for us please and thank you

What kind of actions are you preforming to grow your purge bar?

In addition, the purge bar will decay when you are offline. So if you play for an hour and then log off for a day or two, you will probably never see a purge.

Hey sorry for taking awile to reply.
I have been building alot with t3 materials and killings bosses. I ended up leaving my clan and the purge bar shot back up to where it should have been and was purple and I was able to have the purge. I waited alittle while to try to make a clan again and when I tried for the 2nd time the bar dropped to 0 again and went white. Solo on official server I could get the bar full maybe twice almost 3 times a week but now after 3 days of play after creating a clan the bar has moved to less then a quarter bar. I guess it does grow but seems being alone in a clan takes waaaay too long to grow the bar and fron other people I have talked to even with 3 members or so it’s still a super long process.

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