Purge system in siptah seens not working

we are trying to get one of those purges, a challenge,

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Please let us know how it goes if you manage to get an illigor purge :slight_smile:
A little hint… They seem to get stuck on each other and rotate for some time if the space is tight, I noticed this because every floor tile inside my base has a pillar under them, also make sure you have several T3 layers around your base, they go through T3 like it was butter + if you get a lot of them at once around a group of thralls then drag some of them away on horse(they move very fast), otherwise they may be able to keep your fighters constantly knocked down, make sure your fighters are able to do combos… Good luck :slight_smile:

I really love the illigor one, there is nothing challenging so that makes it a ton of fun for old players. Yea sucks if part of your base breaks but serious, I have let my base decay twice in siptah and each time I come back its great to rebuild and takes maybe 1-2 hrs and I got a decent base up and running

I want an accursed berzerker purge thats just going to wreck us, or maybe a storm spider (dont remember 3skulls name) boss purge but it is nice if u cant get something from them

Nothing wrong with a challenging purge like illigors, don’t know if you ever had it, but getting a ton of illigors that can easily keep 20 fighters constantly knocked down, well they mostly only did the 1-swing with their weapons anyway and then paused for some time…
illigors have a rather large damage area, run very fast so player melee combat is pure and simple suicide, add storm creatures to the mix and you have a chaotic purge, well yes kinda exciting in a way, only until you realize that 1 hour purge may have cost hundreds of hours of work, mostly because of bugs… Yes that is so much fun :rofl:

Why do you want purges to be punishing and not also rewarding?
I am a little curious, do you play singleplayer or pve/pve-c/pvp on private or official server?

I play pve, and a accursed zerker purge would be super beneficial, so many thralls to wheel and probably some good names too! Like getting the cimm zerker one in CE. Gotten hit with a cimm zerker one when we were level 40 on CE and did that ok too, was a little rough with no epic armor yet but we had zerkers already so was fine.

Yea, we’ve had the illigor purge and the only issue we had was they take a while to kill, so can’t really get to the end of that purge. We did kill 24 and wasn’t too bad, had one thrall tanking 3 at one point and he got a little low but didnt die. I’d guess there is a bigger boss somewhere in the illigor purge, and it could be rewarding, like the red mother. Then ya’d be the only one in Siptah with a mounted dragon head :slight_smile:

Just had one purge come, got 1 wave of desert dogs then it said regrouping and nothing. Bugged out just like on the old map :frowning:

And another broken purge, 1 wave of stygians, says regrouping then just bugs out and nothing. Hey funcom, maybe its not a good idea to copy the bad code from CE into the new map. Seen over and over this never works.

The base todays hit is tiny too, so not likely any spawns blocked. Had other purges there ok.

they are changing how the purge hits places, and where they will be landing the purges, check testlive patch notes. :slight_smile:

Correct, hopefully helps a ton. Purge has needed the rework for a long while…wonder if it will apply to CE too.

We had one purge so far, It wasnt anything to epic, but it worked pretty much. Had 3-4 waves of stygian merceneries (sometimes it was tricky to find the last lagging attacker to finish a wave) , then it wrote “stygian mercenaries defeated” and that was it.We even got like 3-4 4th level fighters/archers and one 4th level cook. It was abit short but we checked that we had purge lenght on 30 mins, we will change to longer, hopefully following ones will be more epic.