Purge system updated 👀?

I wonder if the Purge system has been updated already, I think it was going to be updated next AoW season.
I am asking because I feel like it took me way longer to fill the purple bar (official PvE server). If I am correct, in two hours from now (5:00 p. m. here in Chile) I will be eligible for Purge. I wanted to test my new vault before next AoW season :muscle:.

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¿Eri de Chile, wn? Ejaleeee! Primer jugador chileno que llego a conocer en estos foros! :chile: :smiley:

As far as I know, the purge system revamp is slated for the next chapter.

I’ve noticed something peculiar over the years. Every time I start a new character on a server, my purge bar fills up rather quickly the first time around. Then I either get purged or reset the bar, but from then on, it takes much more effort to fill it up again.

I’m fairly sure I’m not imagining it, since I’ve started from scratch several times now, and I’ve noticed this pretty much every time.

Do you think this might be happening in your case, too?


¡Bueeena compa :chile:!
You are the first Chilean I have met here as well :blush:.
This is an older character I created just to complete aaall journey steps on official servers. I guess I didn’t play as much, but I really felt it to be slower this time.
I just can’t wait for next Age/Season to see if my vault is well protected or not :grin:.


I don’t know what you said but it must be good :metal:.
@Wonka is the very first person i ever met from Chile. Playing with this person was only joy and honor.
Positive, communicative, sharing and helpful player.
Amazing person, Amazing player.


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