Purge targeting first foundation?

Judging by where crossing swords markers are put on the map I think it’s location is locked on first foundation of building. After building a new fortress right next to old one I had Purge launched to same point it were targeted when only first fortress existed.

Both fortresses are technically the same building. If I am right, what will it be, if my first foundation is far outside my new fortress walls? What if I demolish it?

I had two Purges over the past few weeks.
I have structures scattered over the map.
The first Purge went to the first structure I built on the map.
The second Purge went to a structure that I had just started working on a few hours previously.

I had heard that Purges attack your first built structure/foundation.

My experience would seem to suggest otherwise.

I did not told Purge will attack only first structure.
You tell your own story which is irrelevant to my question.

@ antib
I don’t understand your response.
perhaps i didn’t understand your question.

are you asking where the Purge will attack next, and if it will attack your first built foundation, or are you asking something else?

The experience I reported was my experience with Purges and multiple structures, I am sorry that you find it irrelevant.


If you have one base it will attack that one base, if you have two buildings that are considered on the same land claim it will attack your whole base, meaning it will attack from all areas around your base and npcs will take all foundations out. If your old base and your new base are to close it will consider it all one base.

If you have more then one base on the map that it can be random and it can hit any base.

I see my question lacks details and requires explanation. I was afraid to produce a post too long to read and wrote too short.

There is a old fortress with central citadel, walls circling and two roads, leading to places forbidden to build, because it insures nobody will wall me off.
Roads, walls and citadel are or were connected by building blocks and have same decay timer.
From one of the road I produced another landclaim and made second fortress. It has same decay timer with old fortress so I guess game thinks it is same prolonged building.

Second fortress is built on the border of region north from first one, so I have hopes it will lure more interesting Purge someday.

Now I have an intention to demolish the first fortress, but as I noticed the Purge mark on map was placed where were it’s citadel (where the first foundation block was once laid).

So, if game thinks those two fortresses are same long building and it’s 1st foundation coordinates is where the Purge should be heading after spawn, what will be if I demolish everything around citadel N1?

My experience, from last 150h game hours I did some serious purge testing within all areas, with spawn commands etc [PvE solo], the experience is, that purges attack your first laid building block in relevant purge area [refering to purge map for purge difficulty areas].
And the purge in that purge difficulty area wont spawn anywhere else until u delete the said structures. Only after that they move to your next buildings, in order in which they were build. So your new shiny fortress wont be be attacked untill you demolish everything else in said purge area.
This realization cost me two castles and 25hrs of building.

Additional notes:
1] they spawn even if the foundation is not visible/hidden, watch out when you build something and some foundations ends up underground.
2] volcano is tricky to have a purge in at it have a lot of no build areas [no build i mean when the game tells you u cannot build there, near structures and points of interest.
3] To the point above, if you build something too close to area of no build, its most likely that when purge starts, it will end in exactly 3min, with nothing spawning. Thus you can make your base immune to purges.

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Thank you for sharing results of such work.

So, if 3 conditions are True:
1.my second fortress is in the same “purge region” with 1st one
2.I will demolish first foundation of 1st fortress
3. somebody build over it
then my Purge will come knocking neighbor’s door and ignore my 2nd fortress

if second fortress is in another region (let’s call it “region2”) and I will demolish 1st fortress and everything else in 1st region, then the game will think I moved 2nd region and calculate where it will be next first foundation?

Looks like until devs will make Purge targeting to mass of concentrated building blocks it is possible to lure one’s Purge into other place permanently.

Sry for TLDR.

A correction on my statement:
You have to demolish the entire complex/building [everything] at the location so that the purge attacks another base.

A correction for you:
You cannot build on someone else foundations, there is a distance limit how close you can build to others, thats in wiki described as Claim mechanic.

To your theory:
Yes it is almost certain, when someone build next to your first building in the purge region [can be just one foundation, can be a small house, the game count it as your original base in that purge area], his base will be hit too.
This is a common thing on PvP servers, when purge is targeting a player base, but between their spawn point and target player build is something that belongs to different person. In that case the purge will divert to it. Its kinda funny on overpopulated/overbuild servers.

Now to your another point, yes you are correct, the game will calculate attacks on base in region2. My apologies i was writing a reply as i read so a correction to my statement was not necessary, you understood well.
Just a note from me here to be absolutely clear for anyone who reads it at later date, i build a base, then a small bridge, then another, then final base in single purge area. I had to demolish even the bridges… So everyone should think really hard when they start building in individual purge areas where their main base will be, all other buildings after wards should be safe from purges [pain houses, bridges etc]

As to your final idea, yes it may be technically possible on server with few player buildings, to grief someone with purges. But that would take an incredible effort. So Devs doesnt have to adress it.
You would have to build close to his base your first foundation/building in that purge area, and be as a player in that purge area when the purge commence [as the purges takes into calculculation in which purge area the player is].
Also you never know at what time the purge commence once your purge meter is full. So you may end up spending up minutes up to hours in that area to make sure your purge spawns there.

A final note: What devs really need to is to correct a pathing for purges in volcano area, Purges there are still walking into lava and dying… But in my opinion thats something impossible to correct or extremely difficult to correct.

I do not plan grief somebody with my Purge, it is someone else getting my share of fun that troubles me )

I suspect my two fortresses are too close to be in different regions. 1st fortress is in sands north from Sepermeru, where only locusts come to be Purge. Second is partly near huge trees where tigers spawn and partly in same sands.

I know it is impossible to build on other people’s foundation. I meant if I demolish my 1st foundation and then someone else will build there.

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