Purge Thrall Repair Broken Legendaries

Ever broken a Legendary weapon or armor piece and cursed yourself slightly. I’d like to see a Purge Armorer that can repair Legendary armor, a Purge Blacksmith that can repair broken Legendary weapons. I think this would greatly add value to Purges. As well as solving the issue of broken Legendaries laying around.

Should Purge Thralls that can repair Legendaries be added?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hay Zeb.
Excellent point of discussion, although I would have to disagree.
I feel that by only limiting it to legendary repair kits makes the weapon feel even more special and exclusive in a way IMHO.

What I would suggest is a way for a purge thrall or priest perhaps to have a way to “bless” a weapon giving it increased durability for a period of time. And for maybe a permanent blessing we could look to the Chaosmouth Altar and a intricate ritual… I would love if something with such an ominous name get more gameplay mechanics! (Could also serve to meet more players)
My two cents.


If only I could get a purge…


I already lost 1 legendary weapon… It would be great (for console players) to have a special HUD that informs you, when your weapon is on the verge of breaking…

On PC you have the hotbar and you see the status all the time… On consoles, the “hot wheel” is only visible when switching things.

Honestly did NOT know that. Seems to me the console guys are overdue for a better UI solution!

Still I stand by my decision, I would just add that having to go to the Unnamed City when running low on repair kits gives me something to do as a endgame loop…Apart from getting more juicy legendaries!

I have enough toolkits… Thats also not the problem… But I dont want to check the durability all the time or use it, when it still has >100 durability.

What do you mean ? I’m on PS4, I use R1 to call the wheel and I can dismiss it without switching anything.

I guess what he means is, you need to actively open the wheel, instead of having them always visible like the PC hot bar. Even though you don’t have to switch anything, you still need to open the menu to see item durability.

Yes, that’s a problem to need to call the wheel to see the state of our tools and weapons. But for weapons you can easily repair them often enough so they’re always 50% durability. Personally I can stand to have weapons that aren’t in a perfect state all the time. For tools I only let their durability goes down below 25% when I’m farming.
So most of the time I don’t worry that much about breaking my weapons and tools.

Try run around with only legendary weapons… I dont want to run around with >5 legendary repair kits all the time. I gave my thrall the godbreaker boots and normal I swap my weapon with him/her.

But one time I forgot and broken was the Axe of Violence… Good thing, I have ~10 of them, because I have no luck when farming sth (needed an eternity to get the blackblood skinning knife :smiley: )

I don’t feel the ability to obtain a chance at a Purge Thrall that can repair a Legendary item takes away from its exclusiveness. I think being able to repair something that would otherwise be considered thrash is reasonable, maybe if it’s been repaired it has less durability. If you continue to be careless and break the item receptively eventually it will be zero durability (unrepairable).

I definitely think this mechanism is already in the game, just not through the use of a “Blessing” the new oils do exactly what you suggest, although not permanently. :blush:

I don’t feel that the Unnamed City is quite end game as you can complete it’s rotation well before 60. However I do love the Unnamed City, I farm it a lot myself. I would love to see it get a bit of an upgrade in terms of adding drops to the Green Dragon. Adding a few new bosses. Adding new Legendaries, Short Swords and Great Axes, some new armors perhaps. I digress.

Also I think that this post has a great idea for end game players:

I could agree to this with a slight modification: Purge thralls could craft an item that could repair broken equipment.

Then that craftable item could require rare and expensive materials to make, so there is still a penalty for letting your weapon break.

That being said, a warning icon for if your equipped weapon/armor is low durability would be very useful, even on PC (can’t see armor durability without opening the inventory).


I suppose I assumed that the fact that the repair would take materials to fix was unspoken, as nothing comes with no cost.:black_heart::blush: I should have clarified.

Regardless if it’s simply knowledge based, or an item that does it. The ability to do so would satisfy me.

I absolutely agree. To be honest I’ve never actually broken a Legendary myself. :joy:

I’ve broken a few. I keep them all stored away for when Funcom relents one day and adds a way to fix broken equipment.

I also keep items I stuck the wrong upgrades into for that day when Funcom gives us an item for removing upgrades.

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I have a few. <__< Laying in a box.
My clan mates don’t share the same no break badge as I do. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ~Knocks on wood~ :joy:

Why have I not thought of this…:flushed: That’s a fantastic idea. I have a few of those myself.

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