Purge thralls and guarding fighter thralls do NOT die from green wall of death


I live on the edge of the cursed green wall. When a purge hit me, the attackers were able to go outside the green wall to attack a wall that is right on the border of the green death. I had fighter thralls chase after them and fought them well outside the green wall. All without dieing. Apparently all thralls can leave the exiled land.


Welcome to the comunity my friend. Imagine by accident your thrall, that is wearing godbreaker set and wielding sword of crom, is passing the green wall and die. How will you claim back its belongings. We allready have a lot of frustration loosing them in the volcano, or the horizontal elevators, we don’t need more reasons to lose them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Still like my friend @CodeMage said thralls must have immunity to lava and i cannot agree more. Believe me, the less reasons you have to loose your thrall, the better it is. I know it’s a little silly to see apes coming outside the green wall and your thrall is going to face them there, but it’s really beautiful that it is not dying there. Trust my words :wink:. We are great full that nothing else dies from the green wall, or the sandstorm, or the acid pool of Abysmal Rembrandt etc… I am sure that you will agree with me eventually. Yet again and once more, welcome to the comunity :+1:.

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Doesn’t this even make sense lore wise? If the T4 are native born in the exiled lands and the purge invades from the outside, neither of them are wearing bracelets. So they can freely cross.

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