Purge timer countdown resets on teleport

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: US

Purge timers do not maintain proper countdown if you teleport while it is counting down to purge start.

For example, if a purge is announced, starting a 10 minute timer, and you get to 8:00 remaining, then teleport, it will reset back up to 10:00 remaining even though there is, by this point, only 7:30 actually left.

Sometimes it will resync to the proper time, but come on, it should be able to retain sync across a 5 second gap while you teleport.

  1. Get the purge to start and allow it to count down for a minute or two
  2. Observe the countdown timer until purge starts
  3. Use a maproom to teleport to another obelisk
  4. Observe that the timer is reset and is not properly tracking the actual time left
  5. If you have clanmates on who have not teleported, observe the difference in the time remaining values

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