Purge timer is messed up needs a 24 hr pause before resetting

just had a purge right now up north it just finished and the timer is already moving along almost 1/4 already. That is way to fast could have done with a days break before it reset again. It’s stupid not having a 24 reset button.

Why are you wasting our time having to constantly deal with purges like this.

Private server?

How big is your base? How many people in clan? There’s too many variables

Nope official

Base is pretty big actually and 10 of us in clan. - that should still not accelerate like this it’s why I said the timer needs a 24 pause before resetting.

Sounds like you had purge meter “overflow” progress left-over after your purge completed. Remember, any meter progress in excess of the white line is carried over after the current purge completes and counts as progress toward the next one.

Too fast for clanners, too slow for solos.

Needs some tuning.

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I’m jealous.

It’s been 16 months since my last purge.
Excluding an offline one 10 months ago that took ridiculous amounts of grinding/building/murdering to achieve.

Of course, but only, if you have luck to be online during purge time. But what, if RL keeps you off for some good reasons? That is why purge should “wait” until you have time to be online again.
This is our play, purge should deal fun for us - but with current system of purge it ssems more we are thralls of purge dealing fun for it!

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