Purgemeter issues in sp

Playing sp Testlive without mods
Before the last patch I activated 1x the admin mode. After that the Purgemeter was maximal fulfilled immediately . I got a purge immediately, but although I survived the Purgemeter doesn’t decreased anymore. Got the same issue after relogging and playing without admin rights. The Purgemeter stood still as it’s Maximum. Even the new patch and a new purge didn’t change this.
It reminds me on the actual issue on our live server with mods. Granting admin right fulfills the Purgemeter very quick. But this issue is solved restarting the server.

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Hey @TwoJay

Thanks for your feedback. Could you let us know what is the purge threshold set at in your game?

I am playing the highest difficulty setting you can choose at the beginning in the menu, but I changed the gathering rate to 2x and the duration of the purge to 20 Minutes which is at level 6 I saw. I didn’t changed the other settings. For the threshold setting I have to look at the weekend because I’m not home now but as I said I choosed the presentings. (Highest difficulty) in the game menu.

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Alright, please let us know once you’ve taken a look at those settings :slight_smile:

I went back to my sp session. Purgemeter is still max. But I saw I also changed purge difficulty level to 3.


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