Purges all the same?


I’ve been enjoying the game a lot, but our personal server has noticed that all of our purges have been bands of roaming bandits. I thought there were supposed to be other types? Thankfully they have all been at different places which is cool, spreads the fun. But I’d like to see more than just bandits. Most of our purges have been in the far north as well, where I would expect more. Anyone else notice this?

Purges are the same yes for wherever they hit. They are different in the different locations but if you get bandits in your base they will always be bandits at that base. At least from what I’ve seen.

Well, we have had purges in the desert, highlands, and snowlands, and they have ALL been Bandits. Nothing else.

Along newb river and up in the savanah we get starving exiles. Up north in the grasslands my base there gets a chieftain and his tribe which is a bunch of vikings in hardened steel armor and weapons and wolves.

Using Age of Calamtious we also have two areas hit hard by black orcs.

I’ve seen a few types, but mostly Starving Exiles. (which brings Blackhand by 3rd to 5th waves.)

Near lake in North, got Spiders.

In Snow area in NW, God Band of Cimm’s… Northmen. Sigh… there name always escapes me.

the Jungle and South lands, has been Starving Exiles…over and over. 1 Attack by Bats.
One Hyena pack.

I’m wondering if we need to change the purge settings of the server then. We have everything pretty much max settings, and the bandits are, quite frankly, not hard.

Here’s a link to a map that tells you what Purges you should be getting in your area. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t matter because it’s currently bugged to where you only get 1 Purge Event per area (there are 35-40 different ones in total). It’ll be fixed in a future patch.


I used to get the forgotten people as purges at the northern area, but today I got the blackhand bandits at the mounds.

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