Purges and meteors blowing up paths to coffer or gas arrows crashing servers

Hello to all exiles !

Me and my buddy launched several 8 level purges between yesterday and today…
In the first ones, when we shooted gas or explosives arrows to first wave, the entire official server crashed twice in a row… So after trying to reconnect three times (server was offline and 9999 ping after), purge has stopped but we noticed that 300 gold bars were missing…
Today we tried again without shooting any special arrows. Purge started normally and went fine for 15 minutes… Till the moment meteors hit the fondations in our maze and made a big hole 7 squares wide…
And in the same time “no path for coffer” appeared and they retreated… Purge aborted…

Really i want to know, is this normal ? Is Funcom aware of this bug making high level purges useless ? Will they fix it soon ?

(Sorry for my english, I’m French native^^)

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AHAHAHAHHAAHHAH this is awesome. EPIC.
I wanna see this scene in a movie.

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Yep the film is called “Deep Impact” ^^ :sweat_smile:

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Yes, that’s part of the purge system and happens. This is so that if a base is only reached by a bridge for example, and the bridge falls or a drawbridge is raised, this mechanic of the Purge stopping, stops the Purgers from just wandering around doing nothing, etc. It may not be ideal, but it needs to be there. It is easy to make the repairs and then re-run the Purge again after the cooldown.

The server crashing can be a thing when there are multiple Purges happening or servers are busy, or even internet traffic to the server, etcetera, are things.


Purges need more work and that’s a fact!
Servers that’s over 15 persons populated and have a plethora of builds and activities may be a good excuse, but it’s nothing else than excuse. Since chapter 4 i have started over 100 purges in single player. There, i don’t have any population, neither all the map builded. Purges just generate issues. And when i say, generate, i mean it. They can stop with absolutely no reason, or they won’t trigger for absolutely no reason again. I believe that they have all the feedback they need and they are working on it.

Welcome fellow exile from France. Star metal rain and golems do what many exiles in here wished for. Purges are punishing and destructive as they should be, so there’s nothing wrong here. In this part actually we should thank devs, because the way it was before purges could be controlled by a single player only. One player alone, without any thrall, could slay the hundreds of a purge just with smart building and a few combat skills. This however required decent performance, so official servers were a bit risky for this task, but it was possible.
Now a player must have a few thralls on cauldrons and a few backups to delay the hoard and deal with golems or starcaller. Make a mistake however and see your whole build in pieces before you understand what happened.
Yet again, that’s good!
Build your narrow paths without foundations and the destruction you’ll get is less, plus the path for purge will never get blocked.
Welcome to the forum :metal:.

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I have had to start being very sparing with gas arrows at my original Purge base (which I know use for level 5 and below Purges). If I go all out, the server will invariably crash. So I just fire a gas arrow every 30 seconds or minute or so as needed.

However, I can fire as many gas arrows as I like if I’m at my Purge 6+ base. I’m not sure why this location doesn’t give the same issues.

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