Purges are not fixed.... darfari naked purge, nordheimer t4 in it. + more

puirges are not fixed, a friend of ours got purged today and we got naked darfari, also the purge wont advance with a knocked down enemy,

we also saw this : *that should not happen in a darfari purge


Same with the relic hunters on my end. Also nudity is off on my server by default and i am being attacked by alot of bolts and studs.

I can confirm. At long last, purge is working, but I don’t think my husband is happy with our naked carpenter. The last few purges were still naked. I also noticed they were all bald.

Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and they’ve contacted the finest tailors in the Exiled lands to provide some decent outfits in a future patch.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks Ignasis … it might take more than just more tailors asssigned to the job … most of our starving Nudist attackers carried clothing but refused to wear it :stuck_out_tongue:
(Nice to see purges after many months of nothing. Clothing in npc inventory is a nice touch especially with the dismantling bench to recycle unwanted clothing)

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