Purges confused by archers, not attacking structures

Siptah, single player, testlive.

I’ve had several purges on testlive now. I have a curtain wall with some archers on top, and all the hostile melee units do, is stand at the base of the wall and stare intently up at the archers while getting shot in the face. I have seen videos of purges[1], and having some archers around should not normally prevent structures from getting wrecked? I’m not sure if this is a bug or just me complaining. Its pretty underwhelming though.

How to reproduce:

  1. Build base with walls, archers.
  2. Spawn purge, like rocknoses or accursed.
    Observed: Melee units target archers out of reach, and stand around like idiots.
    Expected: Melee units target something that they can reach, like the structure right in front of them.

[1] wak4863 - Base Destroyed, Thralls Killed Difficult Purge on the River | Conan Exiles 2020 - YouTube
In this video, melee units go for structures right away when they have no other reachable target.

So I took the bows off my archers and spawned a purge. It was a thirty minute staring contest. All the fighters were standing at the base of the wall, sometimes shifting target to another thrall. Occasionally, one of the staring fighters would glitch through the main gate.Out of about twelve accursed archers, 2-4 were firing at any moment, about five crenelated walls broke from arrow fire. … Please game, just try to kill me? :grinning:


Purge enemies also do not recognize palisades as destructible mesh, they will try to go around it, rather than going through it. And if you cover all your base with palisades, purge thralls 404 in their small brains. These both issues have been around for so long, I don’t even want to type it anymore.

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