Purges in the next patch

I heard there are some good improvements on Purges for the next patch, we are going to see them more oftem now they have fixed the logic behind the target selection.

I see offline Purges are still a thing. Nobody likes it, it has been said in the forums by pretty much the majority of the players. For obvious reasons, people want to PLAY Purges, not log in the day after and fix the base. Nobody wants to sit 4h every night waiting for something may or may not happen! People WORK, they have commitments and obligations, a large part of the community cant (or dont wanna) dedicate 4h+ everyday in this game. People have different timezones and for some of us it is hard (or even impossible) play late in the night when Purges are supposed to happen.

Purges NEED to focus first on those who are online. This would fix all problems related to the event. People who are online would have a much higher chance to play it. People who can only be online during part of the event would also have the same chance, offline players bases would be be relatively ‘safe’ and they might be able to experiance a Purge attack another day when they manage to be online. Offline Purges could still happen, but only when there is not a eligible online target player anymore. Im quite sure most people would enjoy this system much more than the current lottery one


I agree have never had a purge while playing online or my wife and we put a lot of time playing CE

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